10 Exercises That Will Show Your Lower Belly Who’s Boss

Favorite moves to flatten that tricky spot!

If you are trying to target your lower abs, we have here the top 10 moves to target your lower belly. You will love these 10 super moves that are effective and you will enjoy these abs-strengthening moves.

1.Double Leg Lift

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Involves the lifting together of your two legs while shifting the workload to the abdomen.

2. Rolling Plank

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A core-stabilizing move that improves strength throughout your core and builds lower back strength.

3.Flutter Kicks

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It focuses particularly on the lower part of the belly.

4.Swiss Ball Jackknife

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Targets those tricky muscles in your lower belly, and works your rectus abdominus, hips, and low back!


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This particular exercise is undoubtedly great when you talk about the burning of abdominal fats.

6. Roll-Up

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Requires you to roll your body out one vertebra at a time. This is an amazing overall abs exercise!


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This program is geared towards working your core.

8.Hanging Leg Raise

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A move that tackles lower abs because it engages the deep psoas muscle, your low back, and your lower abs.

9.Balance Ball Crunch

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This exercise helps to tremendously improve balance and stability.

10.Cross-Body Mountain Climbers

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Multi-tasking move that works your whole body. Engages your abdominals and oblique muscles while working your hips and low back.

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