10 Smoothie Mistakes That Make You Gain Weight

Don’t drink another sip until you see this list!

Smoothies are almost everyone's favorite mainly because they are healthy and nutritious. But wait! There are various misconceptions and smoothie mistakes that actually do you more harm than good. Being unaware of these smoothie mistakes can make you gain weight.

1. Thinking that all fruits and vegetables are low-calorie

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Sipping a cold, creamy smoothie from several fruits is much healthier than a doughnut. However, while the fruits are full of fibers and nutrients, they are not without calories.

2. Using sweeteners

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More than 60 extra calories will be taken out by a table-top of honey or maple syrup – and it is not necessary when the smoothies include naturally sweet fruits.

3. Your smoothie lacks protein.

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Your smoothie may be green, but this does not mean it contains the protein that you need for energy to be maintained all day long. To withstand the urge to snack on high-calorie pick-ups, target at least 10 grams of protein per smoothie.

4. Adding fruit juice

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Fruit juices are packed with lots of sugar content.

5. Drinking a second serving.

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A glass of smoothie is already filling. Drinking another glass could only add calories.

6. Throwing everything into the blender.

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Choose the right fruits to throw into your blender.

7. Using the same greens every day

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It is greatly beneficial to vary your smoothie flavors.

8. Making your smoothie too large

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Have a smoothie using just the right size of container.

9. Not paying attention to ingredient lists

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A healthy smoothie is loaded with the right ingredients.

10. Not adding fiber

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Fiber is like a magical weight-loss pill. It fills you up in order to avoid hunger and you finally eat less in the morning. Fruit offers fiber — but only if you select the best ones.

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