10 Struggles All Girls Who Suck at Makeup Understand

You are not alone in these struggles.

Most girls, if not all, struggle to achieve that perfect look. And what better way to enhance your appearance than putting on makeup. But makeup can be such a pain if you aren't professionally skilled in applying it. Below are some of the struggles that girls who suck at makeup commonly experience.

1. Your lipstick never stays more than 1,2 hours

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2. You spend hours watching YouTube videos to learn the newest looks.

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3. Doing and Re-Doing Your Winged Eyeliner

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4. You always beg your talented friend to do your makeup before special events

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5. Looking Like a Clown When You Try to Wear Blush

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6. Getting Really Excited About Going to Sephora…and Then Getting Really Overwhelmed

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7. You always buy brightly colored makeup, but you’re afraid to use it

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8. Wondering Whether Concealer Is Supposed to Go On Before or After Foundation

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9. You are wearing the wrong makeup

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10. Praying Your Eyebrows Are Naturally on Fleek—Because You Have No Idea How to Properly Fill Them In

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