10 Things That Might Happen If You Stop Wearing Makeup

Say goodbye to makeup?

Not everyone is gifted with perfect makeup skills. While some women do their makeup effortlessly, others struggle. Here are some things that might happen to you if you decide to stop wearing makeup for good.

1. You might become less stressed.

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Maintaining a beauty routine can be a hassle. Not wearing makeup will alleviate you from unnecessary anxieties and free up more of your mind for important tasks, like taking the time to stretch and meditate

2. Your eyes don't infect easily.

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This is particularly important for people wearing contacts. Pink eye or conjunctivitis is most commonly spread by using and reusing other people’s eye makeup,

3. Your pores will shrink.

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When you stop wearing cosmetics, you’ll see your pores reducing in size because they’re no longer be filled with the ingredients of your foundation or bronzer.

4. You might look younger.

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The smattering of freckles across your nose and the rosiness in your cheeks that you're always trying to tone down—those traits actually make you look more naturally youthful.

5. You might appreciate your hair more.

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Use a few of those newly reclaimed minutes to smooth down any frizz.

6. You might be insecure.

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Though you might feel a little self-conscious initially, those fears will ease up when you realize you suddenly have an extra half hour to spare in the mornings.

7. You might realize that you don't need makeup.

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Once you go without makeup for a while, putting it back on can feel foreign.

8. Your skin might clear up.

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Give your skin a break from foundation and concealer and you might find yourself with clearer skin in a couple of days.

9. Mornings had a new meaning.

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When you stop wearing makeup, you will have time for other more important things.

10. You might get more invested in your skincare.

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Slap on the serums and masks and the all-important SPF and your skin will thank you.

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