10 Ways to Style Your Hair While You Sleep

These give bed head a whole new meaning.

1. Overnight Messy Waves

lalaLydia via youtube.com

Having trouble curling your short hair, here's one easy way to do it without the heat.

2. Sock bun for wavy locks the next day

via hairdesign.foop.club

3. Overnight waves for long hair

via volleysparkle.weebly.com

Sleep on it and wake up to gorgeous wavy locks.

4. Straight hair overnight

Simplyness15 via youtube.com

Straight sleek hair minus the heat.

5. Twist hair to a topknot and clip on

via hairromance.com

Leave overnight for great hair volume.

6. Retro waves

via today.com

Hair curlers overnight gives these bouncy curls the next morning.

7. Princess hair

via manentail.com

Perfect for costume parties.

8. Bandana overnight curls

via cutegirlshairstyles.com

Perfect curls for every hair type.

9. Paper towel curls

via thehairstylesmagazine.com

Easy trick to curl your hair overnight, paper towels!

10. Twisted buns overnight

via allthingshair.com


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