11 Easy Hair Hacks You’ll Be Happy You Learned This Summer

Heat up this summer with these hair hacks!

1. Easy messy bun

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Pull up, twist, wrap in a bun and secure with hair pins.

2. Friday fun bun

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Braid and twist into a bun.

3. No heat curls

Fani21 via weheartit.com

Twist, tuck in, leave overnight or for a few minutes and then curls!

4. Braided ponytail

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Braid, loosen braid, tie with an elastic band and cover with hair secured with a pin.

5. Half up ponytail

Helly Brown via uptownwithellybrown.com

Take upper half portion of the hair and tie with an elastic band.

6. Half up messy bun

Cassie Scroggins via cassiescroggins.com

Take the upper half portion of your hair, twist, wrap into a bun, secure with a hairpin or an elastic band and done.

7. Messy braid

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8. Messy french braid

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Braid and then loosen it up.

9. Double dutch braid

via instructables.com

Part your hair equally and do a dutch braid on both sides.

10. Double twisted ponytail

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11. Half up twist

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