11 Easy Makeup Tricks to Look More Awake

Wakey Wakey!

It can be frustrating to put on makeup only to be told you look sleepy. Such a comment is definitely a punch in a gut. Nonetheless, when you know how to apply the right makeup tricks, you can make yourself look more awake even if you lack sleep.

1. Give Your Eye Cream a Jolt

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Coffee regularly jump-starts many mornings, and now it can do the same for your puffy eyes.

2. Forget Full-Coverage Foundation

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It may seem counter-intuitive, but a heavy foundation will only weigh you down. Opt for something lighter that won't cling to any irritated or dry patches.

3. Highlight lids with your concealer.

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Shoot for a concealer that is two shades deeper than your natural skin tone when contouring.

4. Give Your Skin a Spritz

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Facial sprays with essential oils or vitamins perk up your skin when it starts to look dull or tired as the day winds down.

5. Highlight and Contour Your Eyes

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Optimize your eye shape by using a matte shadow a few shades deeper than your skin tone and apply it with your favorite fluffy brush just below your brow bone and into your crease. Extend the shading just past where your eye ends.

6. Use a Flesh-Toned Pencil on Your Waterline

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A simple way to make your eyes look larger and brighter is to line your lower waterline with a beige-hued pencil. This technique makes the whites of your eyes appear brighter and opens up the eye area.

7. Use a Brightening Primer

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Primers with a bit of light-reflecting shimmer create a lit-from-within glow, which instantly brightens up the face.

8. Cancel Out Dark Circles

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Apply the color-correcting shade that works for you underneath your eyes, and then apply a concealer shade closer to your skin tone on top of that corrector to cover up the dark circles.

9. Add color to cheeks

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Making your skin glow with a shimmery blush and highlight is key to faking well-rested, fresh skin.

10. Let Individual Lashes Take Your Look One Step Further

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If mascara alone is not giving you the look you desire, try adding in some medium or long individual lashes. Placing several around the center of the top lash line widens and lifts the eye while adding natural-looking fullness.

11. Flushed Lips and Cheeks

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A rosy-colored lip and cheek stain gives a natural-looking flush that pulls together the whole look.

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