11 Life Hacks That Might Save Your Life One Day

Know these life hacks and save your life!

With the technological innovations currently present around us, we seem to be living in a world that is calm, automated, and less dangerous. But that does not mean we shouldn't be mindful of what is going on. It still pays a lot to be knowledgeable of the different life hacks that could save your life one day.

1. Know your exits

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If anything bad happens, for instance, a hostage-taking, an earthquake, or a suicide-bombing, when you know where to find your way out, you could potentially save your life.

2. Raise your head, and go slowly.

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People tend to lower their heads instinctively and boost their speed if they sense danger. But do the opposite: lift your chin confidently and slow down. Why does it matter? You become prey when you take your initial instinct. Whoever threatens you, slow down, raise your head and look sideways at the peripheral view to see the danger.

3. Strengthen your wrists.

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You know your wrists get tired the most quickly when you ever try doing chin-ups. Use your handgrips to perform hand exercises every day. Why does it matter? You may need to hold a tight corner in many possible emergency cases. A powerful grip and well-trained muscles on your wrist will allow you to remain safe as long as you can.

4. Keys, money and a charged phone

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When you go out, these items should always be on you. There are no exceptions. Why does it matter? You should always be prepared to call for assistance. In addition, you can turn your telephone into a way to save the life of other people: in an emergency, you can call the rescue service. Keep your phone charged at all times.

5. For bikers, runners and pedestrians: Do not stop in a driver’s blind spot, just because you can see a car does not mean they can see you.

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Cycling safety is all about knowing the environment around you, like anything else. In this instance, when driving a bicycle, it is a general assumption that cars neither see you nor change their paths for you. Because most bicycle lanes are on the left, you should suppose that every single car next or in the front turns to the left and never get close or so quickly to their blind spot.

6. You can perform the Heimlich Maneuver on yourself.

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Knowing how to perform the Heimlich maneuver on yourself could save you from situations when no one is there to perform the first aid on you. There are so many ways to perform Heimlich maneuver on yourself. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with each one of them.

7. Apologize if you bump into someone.

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Even when you are sure you are not to blame for bumping into another person on the street, say sorry. Why does it matter? You're not sure who you ran into. You may have a person with a weapon or someone who may be drunk or high. They can be very angry and disturbed. You can save your life with a straightforward apology.

8. Stay vigilant.

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The more people there are around you, the more vigilant you should be. Most cases of suicide bombings or shooting happen in crowded places. Staying aware of what's going around you is the way to keep yourself safe.

9. Escaping from a sinking car.

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You must first unbuckle your seat belt in order to get out of a sinking car. Roll down the window rather than opening the door. If your window is not opened, break the glass with a special device or heavy object (for example, a removable headrest). Why does it matter? You only get to escape for one minute, so you will only waste time trying to open the door that won't budge owing to the pressure of the water

10.  On an airplane, count the rows to the emergency exit.

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No one wants a plane crash. However, if you take a while to prepare mentally, you will increase your odds of survival if the bad thing happens. Count the number of rows between the nearest emergency exit and your where you are seated at. You may have to leave a dark, smoke-filled cabin where you can't see the escape when your planes fall down or land. You can find your route out, taking the stacks by side, if you understand precisely how many rows remain between you and the exit.

11. If you are stuck in a riptide, stay calm and swim parallel to the shore.

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When you are in a rip current, relax. Swim parallel to the shoreline until you have exited the current. When you get to the current’s edge, you may be pulled further from shore, but again it is important to remember to stay calm.

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