11 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Heavier

Don’t make the same mistakes again!

Your choice of clothing style impacts the way you look. Often, there are style mistakes that you might not be aware of but they totally ruin your overall appearance, thus, making you look heavier than your actual size. Here are 11 styling mistakes you should take into account the next time you choose your clothing pieces.

1. Wearing Poor-Quality Pieces

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2. Jersey Pieces

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3. Skinny Jeans

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4. Wearing Poor-Quality Pieces  (menswear)

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5. Bulky Sweater

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6. Wearing Fitted Pieces That Don't Fit

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7. Anything that is way too tight

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8. Printed or Patterned Pants

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9. When you wear baggy clothes

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10. Horizontal stripes clothes

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11. Cropped Pants

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