11 Stylist Tricks to Make You Appear Taller

Some hacks to do if you’re lacking in the height department!

We all want to appear stylish but some of us, if not most, were not given the gift of height. That's not too hard, right? Yep, cause there are a lot of hacks to make you appear to have longer legs!

Here are 11 stylist tricks to make you appear taller. Enjoy!

1. Wear a proper fitting maxi dress

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The long silhouette will give you the illusion of height.

2. Avoid monochromatic schemes in your top and bottom

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Opt for color blocked outfits to add contrast to the length of your extremities.

3. Opt for sleek styles like slim fits and straight cuts

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Ditch your baggy clothes and only wear them when lounging in your couch!

4. Make sure that you are wearing proper fitting outfits

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Find a good tailor that will cater to your needs. Wearing tailor-fit clothes can make you look dapper and crisp.

5. Keep your accessories to a bare minimum

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Nothing flash and chunky below the neckline please. We don't want to draw attention to your extremities.

6. Wear a short skirt

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Just make sure you are comfortable wearing it!

7. Wear right fitted heels

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If you have to attend a special occasion and would want to stand out (literally), don some proper fitting heels. It will certainly boost your height since heels gives you the illusion of longer legs.

8. Wear vertical stripes

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Vertical lines make you look tall. Just avoid doing both the top and bottom or else you'll look like a banana in a pajama!

9. Make sure your shirt doesn't go past your hipbone.

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A well tucked in shirt can do wonders for the illusion of a longer body.

10. Avoid over sized bags.

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It will make you look slouched down and it big bags really weigh your appearance down. Stick to small clutches when you are partying or just the right sized backpack for school or for outdoor activities.

11. Don some hi-waisted bottoms

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Your lower body will look elongated if you wear proper fitting hi-waist jeans, shorts or skirts.

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