11 Things You Should Never Ever Say to A Wedding Makeup Artist

Hush and keep it to yourself!

Your wedding day is fast approaching and you are searching for the best makeup artist. If you intend to have a good relationship with your makeup artist, there are some things you would rather keep to yourself.

1. “I just wash my face with soap and don't moisturize.”

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This type of skincare negligence only leads to a face that feels like sandpaper and eyes that have black circles around them.

2. “What lipstick should I use?”

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Lip color is hard to choose, especially for an event. It should be chosen well before the event and purchased.

3. “My husband doesn't like when I wear lipstick.”

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Omitting lipstick or anything else that might make you your most gorgeous to appease a man sets a bad tone.

4. “If I don't want a trial, can the price be cheaper?”

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Not having a trial is ill-advised. Meet with your artist ahead of time to discuss your expectations and show her a picture of what you like.

5. “I don't want you to come too early because my makeup has to last until midnight.”

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The makeup artist is in the business of applying makeup so that it will be flawless and last through the day and the night.

6. “My wedding is in 10 days, will you be available?”

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Most wedding makeup artists are pre-booked at least 6 months in advance. Calling them days before their wedding is like ringing a death knell.

7. “I know we didn’t discuss this, but can I get a discount?”

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An artist will charge more for their expertise depending on the products used as well as their credentials and experience.

8. “This is my third trial.”

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Embrace yourself and stop nitpicking every little thing about your face.

9. “I don't want lashes — my eyelashes are long enough.”

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Fake eyelashes are the most surefire way to look like an absolute bombshell.

10. “The other MUA that my friend suggested was better and cheaper.”

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Nobody likes to be compared and your makeup artist surely wouldn't too!

11. “I don't like blush, and I want a nude lip.”

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Putting your body into a white gown, placing a tiara on top of a head of curls and bobby pins, and then walking around with no lipstick or cheek color doesn't add up.

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