11 Ways to Burn More Fat in Zumba

Shape up and showcase your dance moves through Zumba.

The low-intensity and high-intensity intervals make Zumba an ideal cardio workout. The traditional type of Zumba highlights core strengthening while the Zumba step and Zumba toning workouts include the use of weights to build muscles in glutes, arms, and legs. Here are eleven ways that can help you burn more fat in Zumba.

1. Let loose

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According to Staci Boyer, a master Zumba instructor, “letting yourself go will let the calories go!”

2. Find advanced classes

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If you are bored running on treadmills or lifting weights, engage in Zumba, a dance fitness workout that is incredible for weight loss, general fitness levels and coordination.

3. Rock the Moves You Know

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Boyer suggests “accentuating the moves that you are actually comfortable with. Make the most out of that shimmy you love, or the salsa step you have mastered.

4. Maximize your arm movements

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Boyer posits, “During the moves, be sure to fully extend your arms. It's not that tricky and you can do a lot for your body by lengthening, raising, and extending with oomph.”

5. Make the most of it

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Zumba has various health benefits that will enhance your body in several physical ways including burning calories and fats, better coordination, and improved flexibility.

6. Modified Routines

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Many Zumba moves can be modified to add extra fun to your Zumba workout and reduce your risk of prolapse worsening.

7. Move Up and Down More

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Boyer said, “When your instructor takes you through a level change, try and do it. Sit into your moves, bend your knees, and go up and down and all around as much as you can-level changes burn calories!”

8. High Impact Moves

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Basic Zumba is an hour of dancing and more dancing. High impact moves include Zumba Toning (which includes strength training), Zumba Core (targeting the core) and Zumba Gold (aimed at an older demographic).

9. Give your 100%

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An effective Zumba workout only becomes effective when you give your 100% commitment and efforts into it.

10. Work your booty

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As there are lots of booty shaking in Zumba, Boyer suggests “pressing through your heels whenever you can to maximize the move's booty shaping benefits.”

11. Go for an active Zumba session

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Zumba fitness program has moves for every part of the body that helps to burn more calories. It has controlled rhythms which create an impact on every part of your body.

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