12 Fashion Mistakes We All Make

Don’t put on anything before reading this!

1. Baggy Long Sleeves – choose something that fits you perfectly, no loose fabric.

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2. Too many exposed assets – choose one asset you want to show (legs, cleavage, waist, shoulder, butt)

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3. Large squares – checkered outfits make you look wider, choose small patterns if you really love them.

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4. Perfect jeans – the leg shape, the rise, the length and the fabric

5. Wide horizontal stripes – avoid wide stripes on larger parts of your body.

6. Denim and denim – yes and no depending on your choice.

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7. Too tight

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8. Perfect neckline – knowing the best neckline for you is a critical part of looking great!

9. Bright colors – makes you larger and fuller.

10. Horizontal prints

11. Mismatch belt and shoes – match your shoes and belt to show your style.

12. Suits and boat shoes – dark denim and blazer will perfectly match your boat shoes.

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