12 Natural Ways to Feel More Energized

Without drinking coffee!

A survey of 1,008 people supported by the organic goods business ChromaDex shows that 56 percent of women depend on coffee to give them energy in the morning. Not surprisingly modern women are so weary, but you don't have to depend on caffeine to feel more perceptive in the morning. Try these natural-energy-enhancing tips recommended by experts.

1. Get more sleep

via healthline.com

2. Drink lemon water

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3. Take a walk

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4. Exercise

via health.harvard.edu

5. Eat something with coconut oil

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6. Nurse a coffee throughout the day

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7. Stop your snoozing

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8. Drink two glasses of icy water

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9. Eat whole grain breakfast

via health.harvard.edu

10. Breathe in new energy

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11. Laugh Out Loud

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12. When you find yourself thinking a negative thought, picture a stop sign

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