14 Reasons Yoga Beats the Gym

Appreciate yoga more.

Gym and yoga have similar advantages to the body. However, the choice as to which of the two you wish to apply in your life solely depends on you. If you are someone who doesn't have time to go to the gym, try doing yoga. Yoga could even be better than the gym. How? Below are the reasons yoga beats the gym.

1. It can count as cardio

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Try a few sun salutations or some Kundalini kriyas. Be adventurous but try to match your breath to your movement.

2. You can do it anywhere.

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There is no need for any equipment. Just strike some poses and you are good to go!

3. No injuries.

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Yoga enables you to unite your mind and body, thus, giving room for easy movements.

4. It's efficient

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Yoga engages your core, which helps your body achieve stability. Further, you can do yoga on your own for free.

5. Yoga will help you lose weight.

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Yoga changes your thoughts: it changes your attitude to life, your body, and your food. Yoga shows you how to appreciate all the wonderful things your body can do and points you to want to fill your body with the best fuel rather than processed junk food. When your mind changes over your body and the food that you eat, it's much more efficient than losing a lot of calories in an intense kick-boxing school, and then plowing through more calories later.

6. It saves money.

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Since yoga is done without the use of any equipment, you can save a lot of money from doing this activity rather than enrolling yourself at the gym.

7. Yoga creates breath awareness

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Yoga relaxes and unites your mind and body. When you do yoga, you fine-tune yourself, thus, making you more aware of your breathing.

8. Yoga can be different every single day.

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There are various forms of yoga poses. There are yoga poses for beginners and experts. So, say hello to yoga varieties.

9. Yoga heightens concentration.

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Yoga requires intense focus to avoid losing balance. Therefore, yoga is an effective exercise to improve concentration.

10. Yoga improves spinal health

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Yoga entails proper posture. Therefore, when you do yoga, you are also required to straighten your back. Constant yoga workouts could eventually improve spine posture.

11. Yoga calms the mind

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As mentioned, yoga requires intense focus to achieve balance. To focus, one needs to clear his or her mind.

12. Yoga improves digestion

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When you do yoga, all parts of your body function. This includes the internal organs, muscles, and other physiologic features. Yoga can, therefore, improve digestion.

13. Yoga is a way of life

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Yoga is not for everyone. Yoga is for individuals who have a deep passion and interest in it.

14. Yoga connects you with others

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There are yoga poses that require partnership. Hence, yoga is ideal in connecting with others.

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