14 Ways to Minimize Stubborn Face Fat

Can you tone up from your neck up?

Have you lost weight but your face hasn't gotten a copy of the memo? Then try the following strategies instead!

1. Just Smile

via Psychologies.co.uk

It tightens your cheek and mouth!

2. Add Cardio to Your Routine

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The extra fat in your face is often the result of excess body fat!

3. Fight Water Retention

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Excesses in alcohol, salt, and sugar intake make your body hold on to water.

4. Stretch Your Face

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Hold it for 20 seconds. Repeat 20 times in one sitting!

5. Treat Any Food Intolerances

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Take care of your food allergies such as gluten sensitivity.

6. Do Chin Lifts

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Gaze upward and pull your lips into a kissing shape.

7. Steady Your Hormones

via MedicalNewsToday.com

Talk to your gyno or what.

8. Drink More Water

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It can increase your metabolism and hence reduce fat!

9. Blow Balloons

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No joke. This can be a great facial exercise!

10. Avoid Alcohol

via VeryWellMind.com

Alcohol is associated with increased weight gain.

11. Chew Gums

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Do it for 20 minutes twice daily.

12. Hot Towel Treatment

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Facial steam opens your pores. Great for tuning those chubby cheeks!

13. Do A Fish Face

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Hold that for at least 10 seconds.

14. Catch Up On Sleep

via SleepFoundation.org

Sleep deprivation is linked to weight gain!

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