15 Gorgeous Copper Manicures That Are Worth Every Penny

Gorgeous and sexy copper nails for every occasion.

1. Copper glitter gradient

via jelly-nails.blogspot.com

Great color indoors, outside in the shade or in direct sunlight!

2. Gold to copper gradient shimmer

via polishmeplease.wordpress.com

Beautiful color combination!

3. Copper accent

via styleoholic.com

Gorgeous accent to the matte burgundy nails.

4. Glitzy Fall leaves

via bestproducts.com

5. Glittery coppery nails

Yasmin James via instasaver.org

6. Sparkly copper design

Claire Nicholls via instasaver.org

7. Copper tips

The Nail Gal Alix via instasaver.org

8. Copper glitters

via lovethispic.com

9. Copper and Mauve Stamped

via polishmeplease.wordpress.com

10. Copper cut

via crazypoplock.com

11. Copper haired Girl stamp

via beautometry.com

12. A real show copper

via opigelcolorlovers.com

13. Copper chrome

via thenailartboutique.com

14. Copper by Vegan Claws

via veganclaws.com

15. Copper wedding nails

via seasonails.com

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