15 Healthy Food Swaps You’d Never Think Of Making

Even superfoods need a boost!

These healthy food swaps can transform foods into even healthier meals or drinks. Check out some of our food swaps you'll be surprise to know. 🙂

1.Use whole-grain varieties instead of trail mix.

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Cut the trail mix in half, and swap in 1/3 cup whole-grain cereal.

2.Use Bubbly Mimosa instead of Bloody Mary.

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A 12-ounce Bloody Mary contains two shots of vodka, calories, and sodium. The mimosa also comes in a sleek 8-ounce glass.

3.Use water instead of sugary drinks.

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You’d be surprised by how much sugar you could cut from swapping sugary drinks for water.

4.Use Nutella and nuts instead of chocolate almonds.

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Two handfuls of the almonds will set you back about 240 calories. Use Nutella and nuts you'll save 16g sugar.

5.Use Local Craft instead of Ultralight.

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One local, full-flavored high-gravity craft beer satisfy far greater than 2 ultralight pints.

6.Use dark chocolate instead of baked goods.

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Baked goods get their delicious flavor from a host of bad-for-you ingredients, to satisfy your sweet tooth, try a piece of dark chocolate instead.

7. Eat plain yogurt with fresh fruits instead of fruit at the bottom yogurt.

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The concoction at the bottom of yogurt containers is typically more sugar than fruit.

8.Grill salmon instead of steak.

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Meats are high in saturated fat.

9.Use Trail Mix instead of Mixed Nuts.

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Downsize the 2 handfuls of nuts to 1, and add a handful of air-popped popcorn and whole-grain cereal.

10.Use nuts instead of chips.

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That bag of chips is high in sodium and often contains unhealthy fats.

11.Top oats with apples and honey instead of high-cal toppings.

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Add crunch with apples, creaminess with nonfat Greek yogurt, honey, and cinnamon.

12.Drink tea instead of soda.

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Brew a cup of coffee or some green or black tea for an energy boost.

13.Use flatbread instead of cracker.

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Trade the cheese-filled cracker-sandwich pack for  1 tablespoon part-skim ricotta on each of 2 thin, crisp multigrain flatbreads.

14.Use green ones as side dishes instead of white ones.

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Potatoes, noodles, rice, and bread are typical sides served with meals. But frequently eating these starchy carbohydrates can contribute to high blood sugar.

15.Use English muffin instead of bagel.

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Swap the 3½-inch bagel for a whole-wheat English muffin.

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