15 Makeup Mistakes You Need to Stop Making at the Office

Avoid these deadly makeup mistakes!

Your makeup choices and techniques can make you or break you. Incorrect makeup choices and techniques can impact your competency appearance at the office. Therefore, it is important to avoid these deadly makeup mistakes.

1. Using too many metallic formulas in your routine.

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If you opt to add a bit of luminosity to your appearance, focus on a bit of glimmer in your blush or strobing with a very light hand to give your complexion a healthy glow.

2. Forgetting to fill in your brows

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By simply defining your arches, you'll look more groomed, polished, and professional.

3. Not properly storing your makeup

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Not storing beauty items properly could cause them to expire.

4. Not rocking a power lip for presentations.

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Even if a bold pout isn't usually in your beauty wheelhouse, consider it if you'll have a starring role at your next meeting.

5. Slicking on lip gloss

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Lacquered lips can look overly youthful or too casual, so opt for matte-, cream-, or balm-textured formulas instead.

6. Checking yourself out too frequently.

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Restrict your touchups to the ladies' room and save them for moments that matter, like before a meeting or happy hour.

7. Skipping blush

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A little rouge can quickly counteract a sallow-looking complexion under fluorescent lights

8. Picking the wrong fake lashes

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Choose those that truly mimic your eyelash.

9. Overdoing the smoky eye

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The smoky eye trick is the perfect evening makeup look we all fall back on, but be careful use a heavy hand to apply your shadow. You need to avoid that panda look!

10. Not seeking out the best lighting in the office

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Many office bathrooms have windows with natural light, or even just better lighting than the office. This will prevent you from overapplying foundation, blush, or bronzer to counteract the washed-out effects of the fluorescent bulbs.

11. Using too much bronzer.

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Don't use a shade that's too dark. A color that's overly deep for your skin tone can make your complexion look muddy and unnatural, not sun-kissed.

12. Lining your waterline with black liner

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Try smudging underneath your lash line with a little bit of brown eyeshadow so that the line extends slightly down to your lower lashes, which makes the line less harsh and opens up your eye.

13. Wearing too much foundation.

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Excess cream foundation and setting powder can look especially heavy and chalky under fluorescent lights.

14. Not prepping your skin

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Prepping your skin is the key to gorgeous makeup. You have to make sure that your skin is makeup ready or all your hard work won’t do your makeup any justice!

15. Aggressively contouring.

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Sculpt with a product that is only one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone.

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