15 Mistakes That Lead to Overeating

Say goodbye to overeating today!

It's time to create some adjustments if you often feel uncomfortable after dinner. Be honest and ask yourself whether any such practices keep you from having a healthy connection to eating. Take care of your overeating problems.

1. You Don't Practice Portion Control

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Failure to portion the meals well can lead to excess consumption of foods.

2. You Eat On the Go

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Eating in a hurry tends to add more weight because you aren't mindful of the foods you consume.

3. You Pack a Sad Salad

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Foods that aren't as satisfying and filling can trigger cravings.

4. Your Plates and Bowls Are Too Big

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A big bowl or plate means a bigger food consumption.

5. You Force Yourself to Eat Things You Don’t Like

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Just because you hate the thought of wasting money, you force yourself to finish the foods, thus leading to overeating.

6. Skipping breakfast

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Skipping meals is never a healthy habit because it will only cause you to crave for more foods once hunger strikes.

7. You Indulge With a Side of Guilt

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The sight of good food is hard to resist.

8. Not drinking enough water

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Experts suggest that drinking water before eating should be made a habit because it makes you feel full.

9. You Don’t Eat Enough Protein

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Protein gives you enough energy and leaves you feeling full all day.

10. Eating mindlessly or eating by the screen

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Distractions while eating can lead you to overeat.

11. Not packing a lunch

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Failure to pack foods for lunch will leave you hungry and crave for more foods.

12. You Eat For Your Partner's Needs

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When your partner isn't conscious about overeating practices, it can be difficult to stay on track when you cook and eat together.

13. You Try and Skimp on Carbs

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Excessive consumption of carbohydrates can lead to weight gain.

14. Eating too quickly

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Losing control of foods you eat because of time constraints can lead to overeating as well.

15. You Confuse Hunger and Thirst

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Before diving into foods to ingest, be sure you are hungry.

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