15 Mistakes That Make Us Look Bad in Beach Photos

Please, just please don’t do this!

It's finally summer and we wouldn't want to commit mistakes that make us look bad in beach photos! We are aiming to have cool photos to show off in our social networks, so we might as well avoid doing these photography fails!

Here are 15 mistakes that make us look bad in beach photos:

1. Doing disruptive poses

via webmd.com

Just imagine the beauty of this photo if the subject removed her arms from her head.

2. The straight legged photo

via shape.com

A little posing won't hurt

3. Over cropped photos

via nicepik.com

4. Full frontal photos are the worst

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5. Forgetting to twist slightly when posing

via thesun.co.uk

6. Photos in weird angles

via allure.com

Because, yes, it's weird.

7. Squeezing your shoulders

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It makes you look stiff and unwelcoming.

8. Not facing the camera

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Let's face it, back photos are boring.

9. Taking photos from under

via bringlearngrow.com

Will emphasize your chin and will make it appear that you have no neck.

10. Bad posture

via dailymail.co.uk

Bad posture is bad, even in other photos not taken in the beach.

11. Using the same angles repeatedly

via everydaychiffon.com

Pretty self explanatory, right?

12. Knees facing the camera

via masterfile.com

Gives you a shorter silhouette and hides the neck.

13. Not following the “Rule of thirds”

via adobe.com

This photo is almost perfect, except that it is too centered.

14. Making use of bad lighting

via kristiemanning.wordpress.com

This photo should be better if they captured it in the well lighted part of the beach.

15. Focusing on the wrong part of the image

via shutterstock.com

Could have been really a pretty picture if the subject in focus is the girl.

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