15 Reasons You Should Start Lifting Weights Today

#5 Is A MUST!

Weightlifting requires a lot of focus and determination. Because of the efforts and time required to do this activity, most people procrastinate. However, what many of us do not realize is the fact that lifting weights actually has various health benefits. Below are 15 reasons to start weightlifting today. Read more to find out.

1. Eliminate 40% more fat.

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If you believe cardio is the key to eliminating belly fat, read on: When Penn State researchers put dieters in three groups— no exercise, aerobics alone, or aerobic training and weight training— they all lose around 21 pounds, but lifters shed six pounds more fat than those who did not pump iron. What is the reason? The loss of lifters was almost sheer fat; the rest lost muscle and fat.

2. Clothes fit better.

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Research indicates that you will probably lose 10% of the total muscle of your body between the ages of 30 and 50. Worse still, it will probably be substituted with fat over time, research suggests. And this increases the size of your waist, as a pound of fat occupies 18% more space compared to a pound of muscle.

3. Burn more calories.

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Lifting increases the calories that you burn while you sit on the couch. This is because your muscles need energy to repair their fibers after every strength workout. Indeed, researchers discovered that metabolisms were increased for 39 hours when individuals did a total body training with only three large muscle movements. They also burnt more calories of fat than those that did not lift.

4. Improve diet.

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Exercise helps your brain adhere to a diet plan. Studies by 169 overweight adolescents at the University of Pittsburgh revealed that people who did not follow a three-hour week of workout ate more than 1500 calories a day. The opposite was also true: snacks sabotaged the training. The authors of the research claim that your weight loss objectives can likely be supported by both diet and exercise.

5. Manage stress effectively.

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Scientists found that the fittest individuals showed fewer stress hormones than the least fit individuals. A second study found that the blood stress levels of the muscular population returned to normal faster than those with the lowest muscle level after a stressful situation.

6. Be happier.

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Yoga is not the only type of practice that induces Zen. Researchers discovered that the perceptions of anger and general mood were enhanced considerably by individuals who did three weight workouts per week for six months.

7. Build stronger bones.

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When you are old, the bone mass reaches the pot that raises your probability of having a crumbling fracture. The Good News: 16 weeks of resistance training discovered that hip bone density and higher osteocalcin blood concentrations, a marker of bone growth, were boosted by 19 percent.

8. Get into shape faster.

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A research discovered that circuit weight training increases your heart rate by 15 beats per minute greater than when the maximum heart rate is 60-70 percent. The word cardio should not decrypt aerobic exercise only. This strategy strengthens your muscles and offers comparable aerobic cardiovascular advantages–saving you time without sacrificing outcomes.

9. Improve heart functions.

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University of Michigan researchers discovered that individuals who completed three weight workouts for a week over a period of two months reduced their blood pressure by 8 points on average. This is sufficient to decrease the danger of stroke by 40% and the risk of cardiac infection by 15%.

10. Become more productive.

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Researchers discovered that employees were 15% more productive in the day they exercised than in the day the did not do anything. So you can complete in eight hours what usually takes nine hours and 12 minutes on days you work out. Or you would always work nine hours, but you will get more done so that you will feel less stressed and satisfied with the job.

11. Live longer.

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Researchers from the University of South Carolina found that the total strength of the body is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular and cancer death. Similarly, other researchers found that “exceptional survival,” defined as living up to the age of 85 without major diseases, is associated with being strong during middle age.

12. Become smarter.

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Brazil's scientists discovered that six months of resistance training improved cognitive function of lifters. Muscles reinforce your body and mind. Indeed, sweat sessions have led to improved short and long-term memory, improved verbal reasoning and a longer period of attention.

13. Increase muscle strength.

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Doing fewer repetitions with more weight will help you increase your strength. On the other hand, doing more repetitions with lighter weights will help you build endurance.

14. Build confidence.

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The essence of building Independent confidence and belief in oneself is to set goals that go beyond your ability and work consistently and committedly to them until you achieve them. This is lifting weights in a nutshell.

15. Improve posture.

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The plank is a very effective core exercise to improve and posture.

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