15 Rules Every Fitness Rookie Needs to Know

Strictly follow the rules for your own safety.

Staying fit is an excellent way to reduce the risk of heart diseases, gain more energy, lower the risk of diabetes, and lose weight. However, when not done properly, you also run the risk of hurting your body. So, here are 15 rules you should know before heading to the gym and start your physical workout.

1. Don’t treat the gym as your own personal workout space

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2. Don’t grunt the entire time.

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3. Leave the cool moves on the dance floor.

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4. Save your phone calls for later.

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5. Have a goal. Don't be aimless.

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6. Gym-overload: don’t let it happen to you. Run instead.

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7. Don't lift too heavy weights. Execute an exercise with good form.

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8. Do not misuse weights.

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9. Do not copy what you've seen on social media

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10. Don't rest too long between sets.

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11. Be cautious of how long you should do your physical workout.

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12. Keep your eyes on your own workout.

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13. Don’t be a machine hog.

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14. Don’t leave your weights after you’re done.

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15. Mirror, mirror on the wall! Time to see the outcome of your hard work.

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