15 Signs You Should Be Eating More Protein

Find out if your body’s telling if you need more protein intake.

It is really challenging for a person who has on a diet to find out if he is consuming enough protein needed by the body. Sometimes we just eat protein-riched foods but we never know how much we should intake. Worry no more, because we have listed here 15 signs that will help you find out if your body needs more protein intake. Check 'em out to find out!

1.You are always getting sick.

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Protein is a major fuel source for assuring the health of your immune system.

2.Your bones take longer to heal.

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Protein is required for bones to effectively absorb calcium in order to increase bone metabolism and density.

3.You are having trouble sleeping.

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You need adequate protein throughout the day to produce serotonin, which your body converts to melatonin at night.

4.You’ve got achy joints.

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Stiffness in women with severe joint pain and patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

5.You feel lethargic.

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Protein is the true nutrient that keeps us alert and helps us burn calories.

6.You crave candy and carbs all the time.

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Eating more protein will help get rid of this craving.

7.You are experiencing edema.

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The proteins that circulate in your blood help keep fluid from building up in your tissues.

8.Your nails are bumpy.

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This can indicate protein deficiency.

9.You are feeling fatigued.

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If someone starts feeling consistently more tired, that’s an indication that they’re not getting all the nutrition that they need.

10.You feel anxious and moody.

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Chemicals like hormones dopamine and serotonin, w increase positive feelings like calmness and excitement.

11.You are experiencing intense food cravings.

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Lack of satisfaction or craving other foods after a meal could be a sign you need more protein.

12.Your brain is constantly fogged.

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Protein deficiency can limit the potential of our cognitive ability and cause adverse effects on your productivity.

13.Your hair, skin, and nails feel brittle and dry.

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If you don’t have enough keratin in your system, your skin, hair, and nails will suffer. Keratin is made primarily from protein.

14.You take fewer bathroom trips.

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Protein deficiency will result in lowering the efficiency of digestion in your gastrointestinal tract.

15.You are losing muscle.

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When you don’t have enough protein, the proteins that would have otherwise been used for muscle building and repair are used to supply more vital tissues.

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