15 Stylish Older Couples Who Look Way Cooler Than Celebrities

Like waaaay cooler!

Ah love, it doesn't really age does it? I had a good time looking at photos of older couples and realized that indeed, age is just a number and true love is timeless!

So here are 15 older couples with a much better sense of style than us! They're really adorable!

1. She can even do roller skates!

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2. Stylish and really happy!

via vogue.co.uk

3. His sneakers are the takeaway!

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4. There is just too much perfection in this photo!

via advanced.style

5. This iconic Japanese duo!

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6. I'm digging the blue hair!

via mariateresadebracamonte.wordpress.com

7. They know how to color coordinate with each other!

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8. Models despite of their age!

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9. They're like modern day gypsies!

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10. Oooh, hot stuff!

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11. Matchy, matchy!

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12. Ahhh such snappy dressers!

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13. Poised parents!

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14. This bespectacled duo!

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15. This pair that has been together since '62!

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