15 Weird Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

You will be amazed at how useful coconut oil is in enhancing your beauty.

To find a good beauty product means to make a new friend. But it's like discovering the Holy Grail to find a product that can assist with nearly every beauty problem. This Holy Grail is coconut oil that is all-natural and available in nearly every food shop in a distance of two miles from every place you're at the moment. What is the proof? These 15 strange beauty uses of coconut oil are the proofs:

1. Hair Conditioner

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To help dry, damaged tips get a huge amount of hydrating, apply a small amount of coconut oil to the ends of your hair.

2. Soothing Sniffles

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Rub a bit of coconut oil within your nose to help relieve fluffy nose or allergies.

3. As a Face Mask

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Hydrate your face by using coconut oil as a facial mask.

4. Replacement for shaving cream

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Apply coconut oil to avoid irritation before shaving. The swap makes the cleaning of your razor easier.

5. Under Eye Cream

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Relax and revitalize the area around your eyes by applying a small amount of coconut oil.

6. Oil Pulling

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Swishing coconut oil in your mouth for twenty minutes a day can assist n detoxifying the body, relieve headaches, whiten teeth.

7. Hair Frizz Be Gone

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Coconut oil can smoothen frizzy hair.

8. As a Lip Balm to Nourish Dry or Chapped Lips

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Disseminate coconut oil over your lips during the evening before bedtime for hydration that tastes incredible.

9. Softening Cuticles

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If you frequently wash your hands, or just need a little T.L.C., use the coconut oil on your fingers twice daily to soften the cuticlesyour fingers.

10. Treating Acne

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Eliminate acne by massaging your face with coconut oil before bedtime.

11. Treatment for Pesky Split Ends

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Bring back your hair's beauty by applying coconut oil from roots to tips.

12. Removing makeup

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Use a dab of coconut oil if you have difficulty taking off your last bit of mascara. Be cautious not to get it into your eyes straight.

13. Removing Wrinkles

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Use coconut oil to avoid wrinkles and bags in the area around your eyes.

14.  Boosting Hair Growth

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Enhance hair growth by using coconut oil on your hair.

15. Protecting Against Razor Burn

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Coconut oil can do wonders in preventing razor burn.

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