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1. Looking for a hydrating mist that's suitable for daily use AND offers high protection from the sun? Look no further than Garnier Ambre Solaire Sun Protection Over Makeup! This ultra-lightweight formula is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid to keep your skin hydrated all day long, and it works great under and over makeup. Plus, our dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic formula is gentle enough for all skin types.

"It's a bit of a first world problem, going out in sunshine with make-up on and worrying about getting sun burn!! I'm very fair skinned so wear F30 in winter and F50 in summer as a base. When I've got make-up on I generally don't reapply sun tan lotion. So, this is brilliant."
Amazon Review By MGolden

2. Looking for a scalp protection spray that's non greasy and eco friendly? Look no further than Calypso! This top quality scalp protection spray helps keep your scalp healthy and free from any harmful chemicals. Plus, it comes in a handy size that's perfect for taking on the go. And what could be more fun than sharing the joy of healthy hair with your friends and family?

"Glad it doesn’t smell really strongly of coconuts like the previous spray I used! Very pleased with it and no sunburn on my head!!"
Amazon Review By Chickono

3. If you've ever suffered from blisters or chafing, you know how painful and annoying they can be. Compeed Anti-Blister Stick is here to help! This handy little stick acts as a barrier between your foot and your socks or shoes, preventing those pesky blisters and chafing. In a survey, 90% of users reported it worked like a charm. Plus, it's invisible once applied, making it ideal for open shoes or sandals.

"This stuff is a life saver for me , I get awful blisters on holiday every year , this save my feet this year and I walked for miles without getting 1 blister."
Amazon Review By Catherine

4. Looking for a cooling pillow that won't make you break out into a sweat? Meet the LIVIVO Cooling Gel Pillow! This pillow is filled with a special gel that absorb and dissipates heat away from your head and neck, so you can sleep better and longer. The LIVIVO Cooling Gel Pillow is also great for migraines, or stress and tension headaches.

"These have worked wonders through out this heat wave. I would suggest putting them in a bag in the freezer as the ice can rip the material."
Amazon Review By MrsRichardson

5. Looking for a superior grill cleaner that will make short work of even the most encrusted dirt and grease? Look no further than the Cleaning Block Grill, Barbecue Cleaner! This product isfast and effective, and perfect for cleaning cooking surfaces. Plus, it's hundred percent chemical free, so you can rest assured that it's safe to use on your grill.

"I bought this to clean my toilets after seeing it on a buzz feed article. Oh my god, they are amazing!!!!!!! You will not regret it."
Amazon Review By Amazon Customer

6. Introducing O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet foot cream! This hardworking skincare product was developed to hydrate and relieve extremely dry, cracked feet. It instantly boosts moisture levels and locks in hydration, creating a protective layer on the skin's surface to prevent further moisture loss. O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet is guaranteed to provide relief for your tired, aching feet.

"It works and it does it fast. I didn't really believe everyone, but they were quite accurate. To begin with I used it twice a day for a week, then once a day for another week."
Amazon Review By jilld1

7. Looking for an easy and natural way to get rid of pesky fruit flies and gnats? Look no further than Coocnh 12 Pack Sticky Fruit Fly Traps! These traps are specially designed to attract and capture flying plant pests, and they're perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The bright colors and strong adhesive will lure in insects, and the sharp bottom allows you to insert the trap directly into the soil - no tying or hooking required!

"I put one of these in all my pots of tomato plants, as they were being invaded by little black fungus gnats. Over the course of a few weeks, the traps caught hundreds."
Amazon Review By George S

8. Introducing Simple Protect 'n' Glow Radiance Booster SPF 30! This is your new best friend for non-stop glowing skin, without that greasy feeling. Our simple anti-pollution formula with sun protection, Vitamin E and Algae Oil boosts your skin’s antioxidant levels and helps reveal naturally radiant skin. Plus, it’s free from artificial color, perfume and mineral oil, and contains no preservatives or harsh chemicals.

"I am on a mission to pay less but get quality products and this fits the brief. An excellent cream for my mature dry, sensitive skin ."
Amazon Review By sj

9. Dots for Spots Acne Patches is the real deal when it comes to targeting acne. These hydrocolloid patches create a moist environment that is perfect for healing spots. They are ultra-thin and transparent, with tapered edges that blend seamlessly with all skin tones. You can wear them during the day or night and see visible results within 6 hours.

"I never write reviews but I had to for this. I am in no way condoning picking at your skin, however… the way I use these is I squeeze the spot and get as much of the pus out as I can with some cotton pads."
Amazon Review By maria lyth

10. You work hard to stay fresh and dry throughout the day. But sometimes, no matter how much you applies antiperspirant, those pesky sweat stains just won't go away. And worst of all, they seem to attract even more sweat! If you're looking for a product that can help eliminate those unwanted stains and odours, look no further than Dr. Beckmann Stain Devils Antiperspirant & Sweat Marks Remover.

"Good value for money compared to superstores - great for getting out sweat stains and yellowing marks."
Amazon Review By Nicola

11. Looking for a fun and easy way to make ice cubes? Look no further than the WKMR Silicone Ice Cube Trays! Made of food-grade safety material, these trays are perfect for home use, parties, and bars. Each tray makes 14 nice-sized cubes for a total of 28. The flexible silicone material shapes the bottom well, making it easy to release ice cubes. The flat cube compartments are separate from each other, so you can easily push from the bottom. No need for awkward bending or twisting!

"No longer have to struggle to get the ice out… easy press and pop."
Amazon Review By Anikka Forbes

12. Looking for a powerful mould and mildew remover that doesn't require any scrubbing? Look no further than Astonish Mould & Mildew Remover! This tough cleaner can blast away stubborn stains and mould with ease, leaving your home hygienically clean. Plus, Astonish is proud to be cruelty free and vegan friendly.

"I bought this after seeing a video on Facebook for cleaning sealant around a bath. Works great but the fumes can be strong. It's best if you can leave the area to be cleaned for a while after spraying so that the liquid can do its work."
Amazon Review By Mr C A Daniels

13. Looking for a scrubbing brush that can help you tackle even the most stubborn stains? Look no further than the Joseph Joseph Palm Scrub Refillable Soap Dispensing Brush! This compact brush comes equipped with non-scratch bristles, making it ideal for cleaning pots, pans, and dishes. Plus, the integrated easy-to-fill reservoir means you'll always have washing up liquid on hand.

"I really like it , very easy to use."
Amazon Review By Amazon Customer

14. Looking for a little something to help with your nappy rash? How about My Little Sudocrem Skin Care Cream? This antiseptic healing cream is not just for nappy rash though. It can also be used for sunburn, minor burns, acne, bed sores and chilblains. So essentially, it's a magical little cream that can help with just about anything.

"Great little pack and ideal for travel but I can't open it ? My hands must be too big, raging keeps slipping, I've tried twisting and trying to pull lid off."
Amazon Review By Niamh Heaphey

15. Looking for a way to get that sun-kissed look all year round? Garnier Summer Body Gradual Self Tan Moisturiser is perfect for achieving a natural-looking tan without spending hours in the sun. Suitable for dry skin, this moisturiser intensively hydrates all day long while gradually building up a beautiful, even tan. Fast-absorbing and easy to apply, you'll get an uniform tan that looks great and lasts long.

"Used it almost every day during the hot weather. It kept my skin soft and with a little shine. I always used weekly previously to keep my dry skin looking healthy and now, when my skin looking a little dry."
Amazon Review By NanaTeresa

16. Looking for a long-lasting, shine-free finish to your makeup? Look no further than NYX Professional Makeup's Setting Spray in Matte Finish! This lightweight, translucent setting spray is perfect for oil-prone skin and will keep your makeup in place all day long. Simply apply the finishing spray after your facial makeup application, from a distance of 15 cm from your face. 3 to 5 pumps are suggested.

"I have rarely used a setting spray, the only one other than this I have tried is Urban Decay which is amazing. But for the cost, this is still a great product."
Amazon Review By Peanut