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1. Refresh and restore your furnishings with this Furniture Repair Kit! The kit includes 6 Repair Markers, 6 paper wrapped wax sticks, and 1 wax stick sharpener, everything you need to make those nicks, scuffs, and scratches disappear. The markers come in 6 unique colors to perfectly match your furniture Maple, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, and Black.

"I bought this product to repair a bad scratch on my laminate flooring and worked better than expected, would definitely recommend."
Amazon Review By susan jefferies

2. Introducing Patio Magic! 16492 Concentrate, the ideal way to keep your patio looking its best. This powerful formula is tough on dirt and grime, but gentle on your patio surface. It's perfect for everyday cleaning, and it will make your patio look like new again.

"Give it time - it will not give instant results, however gradually (after application) your slabs will get cleaner and cleaner over a few days! Very easy to use - saves time on scrubbing etc. 5*"
Amazon Review By Jack C

3. Looking for an easy-to-use, one step solution for repairing your lawn? Look no further than Miracle-Gro Patch Magic Dog Spot Repair! This unique formula contains a 3-in-1 mix of grass seed, coir and gypsum that quickly and easily repairs bare patches on your lawn caused by dogs and other animals.

"Really good for the patches. Needs to be left at least 5 weeks before cutting. Must be watered daily."
Amazon Review By Amanda Matthews

4. Looking for an effective mould remover spray that can be used on a variety of surfaces? Look no further than HG Mould Remover Spray! This powerful mildew cleaner effortlessly eliminates all moulds, making filthy black stains disappear in no time. It is also suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces, including plastered walls, tiles, bathroom seals, grout, windows, and outdoor furniture.

"I bought this to remove some mold and mildew that has been accumulated in my bathroom during last winter. My bathroom has only one wall which is not external so in cold weather it always starts accumulating a bit of mold."
Amazon Review By Svetoslav Popov

5. Looking for a convenient and space-saving way to enjoy your favorite drinks on the go? Look no further than the Makerfire Dual Car Cup Holder! Made of high quality ABS resin, this cup holder is heat resistant and flexible, with a special striped appearance that makes it stand out from other cup holders. It's adjustable to fit most car seats, and features 16 cushion foam pads to keep your drinks steady and balanced.

"Bought 2 of these for My dacia duster and they are amazing. I have a big family so lack of cup holders is a huge problem in our car when I am brining home take away for everyone."
Amazon Review By Leah

6. Looking for a quick, healthy and safe way to defrost meat, fish or frozen food? Look no further than the MisterChef® Fast Defrosting Tray! Made from durable Superconductive material, it evenly and quickly distributes heat, defrosting your food in minutes – even when frozen rock solid. Plus, it's easy to clean as it doesn't absorb any liquid.

"Can't praise this item enough!! Quickly defrosts standard sized packages of raw meats and chicken in 2 to 3 hours - but remove from packaging and turn meat over after an hour or so to speed up the process."
Amazon Review By Elaine P.

7. Looking for an easy way to keep your clothes looking sharp? The Chef Aid Fabric and Sweater Comb is just what you need! This nifty little tool quickly and easily removes fluff from fabric, keeping your clothes looking fresh and new. It's available in a bright yellow colour that is sure to stand out in your laundry room.

"I comb my cats with this. The first time, I actually felt bad because it turned out that one of my cats had a more loose hair than can be humanly imaginable, and I felt bad throwing like 10% of my cat in the bin."
Amazon Review By Nessa Ancalimë

8. Looking for a product that not only cleans your washing machine, but also leaves it smelling fresh and new? Look no further than Dr. Beckmann Service-it Deep Clean Washing Machine Cleaner! This powerful cleaner removes 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi, which can cause bad odours. Not only does it clean deep inside your machine, but the activated carbon also attracts and absorbs dirt and residues.

"The inside of the washing machine seal was getting really grubby/black despite using a cleaner on it. We were already using a regular anti-limescale cleaner but decided we needed to up the anti and do a really deep clean."
Amazon Review By Frangipani14

9. Looking for an all-natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning solution? Look no further than The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste. Ideal for cleaning everything from saucepans and cooker tops to ceramic tiles and paintwork, this 99% natural formula is gentle on surfaces yet tough on dirt and grime.

"This is a great cleaning product, I've used it on everything from carpets to shower enclosures. Cleans where other dedicated cleaners don't."
Amazon Review By Elaine

10. Looking for a way to give your indoor plants a little boost? Look no further than Miracle-Gro's Indoor Plant Food Spike! These handy spikes make it easy to give your plants the nutrients they need to thrive - just insert them into the soil and water as usual.

"Used for a monstera. It had stopped growing. I used three sticks in the pot and suddenly growth started up again!"
Amazon Review By Anna Ritchie

11. Introducing the ASSOTS Makeup Puff Rack Sponge Holder! This wonderful product is perfect for drying and storing your makeup sponges. The sleek, Brown design will look great in any setting and the specific uses for this product make it a must-have for any makeup enthusiast.

"Great little holder that suits my make up sponge perfectly. While I do have a separate carry case for my beauty blenders this is great to rest it just after using or when wet to let it dry out a bit before storing away in a more enclosed case."
Amazon Review By Maya

12. Looking for a chic and convenient way to store and protect your makeup sponge? Look no further than the CORNERIA Makeup Sponge Holder! This little case is made of environmentally friendly silicone and features a strip-shaped hollow design that provides effective ventilation to keep your sponge dry.

"Came very fast, it’s really soft to touch, and fits my beauty blender perfect even when it’s just freshly washed in water, as it expands."
Amazon Review By wiktoria

13. Looking to restore and revive the look of your wider tile grout joints? Look no further than Large Grout Pens! These pens are specifically designed for thicker grout lines, and come in a variety of colors to suit your tiles. Anti-bacterial agents help prevent mould from re-appearing, making them ideal for floors & walls in bathrooms and kitchens.

"I’ve tried everything to whiten in between my tiles and nothing worked but this worked straight away and lasts ."
Amazon Review By LIsa-Jane

14. If you're looking for an easy way to clean your diamonds and precious stones, look no further than the Connoisseurs Jewellery Cleaning Diamond Dazzle Stik. This compact and convenient cleaning system makes it a breeze to keep your jewellery sparkling clean, anywhere and anytime. Just twist, brush and dazzle – it's that simple!

"Absolutely amazing result first time! The photos do not do it justice but believe me, my ring looks as good as the day we bought it seven years ago. Fabulously easy to use and does what it says!"
Amazon Review By JBS

15. The Guardsman Ring & Mark Remover Cloth is the perfect way to keep your wooden furniture looking its best. Unsightly ring marks and surface scratches can spoil the appearance of your furniture, but with this handy cloth you can quickly and easily remove them without stripping the finish.

"This product arrived today and I was keen to use it straight away on a white ring & sun damage to my light oak dining table. I’m not exaggerating, but all marks disappeared after minimal rubbing with this cloth."
Amazon Review By lainey137

16. Looking for a way to keep your washing machine or dryer from moving around and making noise? Look no further than the VIBIRIT Anti Vibration Feet! These four rubber dampers easily install under the corners of any appliance, quickly and effectively reducing vibration and noise. You'll never have to deal with loud noises or appliances moving around again!

"I normally don't have time to review unless something is Amazing or totally rubbish but I have to say, I cannot believe I didn't know such a thing as these existed. I googled a solution to my problem as the house felt like it was coming down around my ears, especially on the last spin and the machine always managed to shuffle it's way across the utility room floor."
Amazon Review By An Amazon Customer

17. Looking to add some serious style to your jewelry collection? Check out our PAFUWEI 2 Pieces Layered Necklace Spacer Clasp! This set includes two necklace spacers in silver and gold, each with a gorgeous 16-petal flower design. They're perfect for layering multiple necklaces or bracelets without any Tangles. And because they're made of high-quality metal, they're ultra-durable and won't tarnish over time.

"Perfect for the purpose..."
Amazon Review By C. H. Robertson