17 Unexpected Beauty Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Discover solutions to some of your beauty concerns.

Staying beautiful and looking beautiful is every girl's mantra. But that doesn't have to be a daunting task. These beauty hacks will help you revive and revitalize the captivating appearance you possess.

1. For Beautiful Hair (salt)

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2. For thicker eyebrows (castor oil)

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3. To get  rid of acne (smashed raw potato, turmeric, honey)

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4. Treat under-eye puffiness (coffee ground)

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5. For sore feet (vinegar)

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6. For a brighter skin (coffee grounds and olive oil)

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7. For smooth legs (sugar and lemon)

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8. For sunburn (baking soda)

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9. Hydrate And Strengthen Your Hair With This DIY Overnight Hair Mask (coconut oil, olive oil, egg yolk)

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10. Firming up your breasts

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11. For shiny hair (egg and lemon)

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12. To Fight Off Acne (Old fashioned Rolled Oats,  Honey, Lemon Juice, Tea Tree Essential Oil)

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13. For Beautiful Hair (Green Tea, Olive Oil, Honey)

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14. For nails and cuticles (coconut oil and aloe vera)

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15. For blackheads (flour and honey)

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16. For athlete's foot (apple cider vinegar)

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17. For a whiter teeth (strawberry and baking soda)

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