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1. Tired of losing your keys? Frustrated with not being able to find them in time? The MoKo Magnetic Key Holder is a great way to keep your keys organized and within easy access. With its powerful magnet and chic design, this key holder is a must-have for any home.

"10/10! Adhesive is strong. I can fit 3 keys max with the width of the magnet under/inside the cloud, so if you have more than 3 bundles of keys to hang, the second one will come in handy!"
Amazon Review By Xenia

2. Tired of losing your favorite earrings or having to search through a pile of jewelry to find your ring? The Umbra Poise Jewelry Tray is the perfect way to organize and store all of your jewelry in one place. With two levels of storage, this tray is ideal for rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other small items. Available in two sizes, this tray fits nicely into small spaces and is made of plated metal for durability.

"Cute. As advertised. I appreciate the soft pad on the underside that prevents sliding on or scratching surfaces."
Amazon Review By Marsha W.

3. Tired of all the apps, containers, and gadgets you have to use to keep track of your pills? PILL IT has the easiest medication reminder system ever! Just Stick and Scratch - our stickers work on any bottle or box. Keep everything in the original medicine container. A few small scratches on each square, marks your daily pill intake in seconds.

"I ordered this product for my parents to track their medication a few weeks ago, and they love it! It's a very practical and fun product to use for all ages! My kids love scratching it for their grandparents, so I've ordered more of this product for my kids' vitamins!"
Amazon Review By Nilootz

4. Do you need a better way to rinse your veggies and fruit? The BLUE GINKGO Over The Sink Colander Strainer Basket is the perfect way to do just that. It's easy to use and versatile, so it can be used in a variety of different ways. Plus, it comes in a modern design that is adjustable and fits most sinks.

"Purchased this a couple weeks ago to use instead of a countertop drying rack. I like that it holds fewer items because it makes me empty it more. Unless you really over stack it, it is sturdy. It's nice to have extra space on my counter and less clutter."
Amazon Review By Alyssa

5. Tired of your old soap dispenser? This 3-in-1 Soap Dispenser is perfect for anyone who wants an easy, hands-free way to dispense soap. The included drain tray and sponge holder keep your sponge and counter clean and bacteria-free. And the best part is that it comes with a free sponge.

"I bought this for convenience at our cottage but I may buy one for use at home as well. Easy to use, easy cleanup and saving money on dish soap as the sponge stays sudsy for a while."
Amazon Review By Jennie Froome

6. Tired of trying to use the can's metal lid to drain oil or water from tuna cans? WishDirect Tuna Strainer Press has the perfect solution - our Tuna Strainer Press! This strainer is made of food grade 304 stainless steel and is stronger and more sturdy than plastic canning colanders. It's also dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean it after using it.

"We eat tuna every week, and I had bought a plastic strainer. It obviously broke after a couple of weeks, so I decided to invest in one that wouldn’t break and I’m very happy with this item. Very easy to clean, very easy to use, and it looks like it is made of good quality items. 10/10 would recommend."
Amazon Review By Ellie B.

7. Tired of wasting your beauty products? S&T INC. Beauty Spatulas has the perfect solution for you! Their spatulas are designed to help you use every last drop of your makeup, lotions and hair care products. With two sizes to choose from, they have a spatula that will fit any bottle size. Made with BPA-free, food-safe materials, our spatulas are safe to use with all of your favorite beauty products.

"Super handy little tools! Great for foundation, serums, basically any beauty related item that comes in a jar or pump top container. Allows you to get every last drop, sometimes there’s a lot more left than the pump can reach that you don’t realize."
Amazon Review By Samantha K

8. Tired of wasting time in the kitchen chopping vegetables? The Mevis Line Vegetable Chopper can help you chop your veggies quickly and easily. It’s easy to use and even easier to clean – so you can spend more time enjoying your meal, not preparing it.

"I haven't used this product myself as it was purchased as a gift for my elderly aunt. I purchased this particular model as it had excellent ratings on Amazon. My aunt used it right away and was thrilled with it."
Amazon Review By Canadian Mom of 4 Boys

9. Keep your kitchen counters clean and dry with this faucet absorbent mat! These absorbent mats are the perfect way to prevent water stains on your kitchen counters. They’re made of microfiber material, which is super absorbent and stain-resistant. Plus, they’re machine washable for easy cleaning. And because they’re so thick, they can absorb more water than other mats on the market.

"I love these mats. I saw them online and my son always leaves a dripping mess around the kitchen taps which has been driving me crazy. I did not realize something like this would be available."
Amazon Review By CHRISTINA N

10. Tired of trying to remember if you already cleaned the dishes or not? Not anymore! Our dishwasher magnet clean dirty signs will let you know with just a glance. Plus, they’re really cute and trendy so they’ll look great in your kitchen. You deserve an easy life, and that includes not having to worry about whether or not you cleaned the dishes last night.

"Confusing NO MORE!!! I love this piece of product it helps to not accidentally put your dirty dishes to your newly washed ones."
Amazon Review By Nodd

11. Tired of your water bottle sweating and making your other belongings wet? The double-wall insulation in our BRITA Stainless Steel Water Bottle prevents condensation from forming on the outside, so you can keep it in your bag without worrying about ruining anything. Plus, the straw makes it easy to drink from on the go, and the built-in carrying loop means you can take it with you wherever you go.

"I have to say I am in love with my bottle I work an 8 hour shift and it is hard to get cold water any place.. I add cold water to my bottle every morning around 5:30am I start work at 6:30am and I am done at 2:30am and the water is just starting to get warmer and it has help me to drink more water everyday."
Amazon Review By Samantha

12. Tired of spilling your drink while trying to watch TV? Sofa Buddy Couch Cup Holder is the solution you’ve been looking for! He’s a convenient and portable coaster that will help you keep your drink right where you want it – within arms reach. Sofa Buddy comes with weight and anti-tilt systems to improve your user experience.

"Really good product, especially if you have a sectional couch. Not made cheaply and holds cups and drinks very securely. Doesn't matter how much you move it stays stable."
Amazon Review By Amazon Customer

13. This little Ceramic Egg Yolk and Egg White Separator is here to help you with your egg separation woes! Ceramic? Non-toxic? Safe and healthy? The glaze is smooth, hard and sturdy? Yes please! Not only is this a functional kitchen gadget, it’s also a work of art. The hand painted design is so sweet and charming, it will add a touch of warmth to your kitchen.

"Arrived on time, and as expected. Very helpful with my diabetic recipes."
Amazon Review By Marvel

14. Live a busy life? This is the kitchen appliance for you! The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker can cook up to 6 eggs at a time, making it the perfect appliance for busy families. It’s also lightweight and compact, so it’s easy to store in your kitchen. Whether you like your eggs soft, medium, or hard boiled, this egg cooker can do it all. You can even make scrambled eggs or individual omelets with this one appliance.

"You know those objects that are totally unnecessary, but you see them and fall in love and live forever in happiness with your random kitschy thing? This is that thing. I saw this egg cooker on a Buzzfeed list and, even though I am a fully functioning adult who has never had trouble cooking eggs before in my life, I knew I had to have it. I have not been disappointed."
Amazon Review By Sonnet A. Fitzgerald

15. Tired of bugs and dust getting in your drinks? The Beverage Barricade is the perfect solution to keep pesky insects and debris from falling into your drink. It's also color coded so you can easily tell whose drink is whose. No more fighting over who's drink is whose! The Beverage Barricade makes it easy for everyone to identify their drink.

"These are great! We bought them to keep bugs out of our canned drinks and they work perfectly. Other styles of can covers cover the whole top of the can and are awkward to drink from. These ones are nice because you slide them out of the way to drink. They do not seal the can closed however so they wouldn't work for keeping a carbonated drink fizzy or for spill protection."
Amazon Review By Koen

16. Looking for a way to manage all of your cords at once? The Cable Matters 3-Outlet AC OUTLET CONVERTER is the ideal solution. It creates three outlets from one grounded outlet, so you can easily connect all of your cords without having to worry about where to put them. Plus, the 180 DEGREE SWIVEL wall outlet rotates to connect cords facing up, down, or out in front – so you can easily access them no matter where they’re plugged in.

"Solves 2 issues. When you have furniture in front of an outlet & the cords bend and eventually stop working.. this little thing comes in handy. It also gives you an extra outlet to plug something else in, where standard outlets only give you 2 ports. It only takes up one outlet port and in total you have 4 outlets you can use!"
Amazon Review By Georgia Rusanescu

17. Tired of your rugs constantly slipping and sliding? These Rug Pads Grippers utilize VACUUM TECH design to keep your rug in place without damaging your floors. With this product, you can finally stop worrying about your rug moving and curling. Plus, installation is easy and takes less than a minute!

"The dog would move the mat at the back door every single time he was heading out. I’ve been using these for a couple of weeks and the carpet has not budged at all. Not even when I vacuumed it."
Amazon Review By Jdbouchard

18. Tired of squeezing your toothpaste tube by hand? BEZOX toothpaste squeezers roller has the perfect solution. They are made of high-quality ABS plastic and are super nifty. Not only do they hold the tube upright without any residue, but they also present a clean organized vanity top.

"This product is compact and sturdy, and fits in nicely in between the rest of my stuff in the medicine cabinet. The only thing is that if you turn it all the way, you can't get the last little bit of toothpaste out of the top, so I would recommend not cranking it all the way so you can still use your fingers to get out the last bit. Great product."
Amazon Review By Christina

So there you have it, 18 amazing Amazon items that will make your life so much easier. From kitchen appliances to organization solutions, these products are sure to make your life a little bit easier. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and add them to your cart!