18 Amazingly Useful Websites You Never Knew Existed

1. A Good Movie to Watch

Trying to figure out which movie to watch on Netflix? Here is the answer!

2. Print Friendly

Check it out here to make any webpage printer friendly.

3. ViddyJam

It is a robot Vee-Jay like Pandora for music videos.

4. Strip Creator

This is very addictive where you can easily make your own online comic strips. Try it out here!

5. Word Frequency Counter

You can find all the phrases and words you overuse in your writing. Begin here!

6. Adobe Kuler

With this Adobe color wheel, you can find complementary color palettes. Check it out here!

7. Date to Date Calculator

You can find out exactly how many days/months/years have passed between two dates. Calculate here!

8. Account Killer

Not just disabling any social media account, it shows you exactly how to close it. Do it here!

9. Screenr

It is free and user-friendly where you can easily make screencasts and share them. Try it here!


Online Etymology Dictionary

This website will give you the derivation and history of any word. Check it out here!

11. Mailbox Locator

Wherever you are, it tells you where the closest USPS mailbox is. Find it here!

12. Camel Camel Camel

It alerts you when the price drops and shows you the price history of anything on Amazon, plus you can even upload your entire Amazon wish list directly. Try it here!

13. What the Font

It is an app as well as a website. You upload a picture for it to figure out what font something is. Try it here!

14. Fake Name Generator

You can create a whole new identity. Get yours here!

15. 10-Minute Mail

16. Skyscanner

Even if you don’t know where you want to go, it lets you search flights by price, date, and budget. Start scanning here!

17. Online Alarm Clock

Battery empty phone? Set your alarm clock here!

18. Practical Typography

If you want lean about formatting kerning, spacing and more, this is a crash course in everything font-related. Begin here!

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