18 Delicious New Ways to Eat Your Favorite Snacks

These treats are truly delightful!

Classic treats are always a staple in my pantry and fridge and in fact, there are a lot of delicious new ways to eat them. Bacon sandwiches are everybody's favorite but there are still new ways to prepare and eat it.

We have gathered 18 ideas for you and your family to enjoy!

1. Fruit leather

via daringgourmet.com

2. Bacon wrapped sausages

via thechunkychef.com

3. Yogurtwiches

via foodnetwork.com

4. Pizza Pockets

via bbcgoodfood.com

5. Crackerwiches

via myfoodandfamily.com

6. Nutty Pretzels

via sunnylandchocolatefactory.com

7. Cheesecake Filled Strawberries

via thecomfortcooking.com

8. Ham and Cheese Pinwheels

via rufflesandrainboots.com

9. Heart Shaped Eggs

via healthylittlefoodies.com

10. Pita Nachos

via foodnetwork.com

11. Thai Coconut Red Curry Potato Chips

via seriouseats.com

12. Grilled banana boats

via bettycrocker.com

13. Cheesy Ranch Chex Mix

via chex.com

14. Vegetable nuggets

via evergreenrecipes.com

15. Salt and garlic bagel chips

via allrecipes.com

16. Chocolate covered kiwi pops

via cleananddelicious.com

17. Spicy potatoes

via evergreenrecipes.com

18. Apple slices with cinnamon almond butter dip

via wholeandheavenlyoven.com


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