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1. The Bug Bite Thing suction aid is an easy-to-use device that quickly and effectively removes insect saliva or venom from under the skin, eliminating the itching, tingling and swelling caused by an insect bite. Using the Bug Bite Thing is a natural way to relieve pain, itching and swelling due to insect bites.

"This removes the venom from horse fly (cleg) bites and stops them itching and feeling sore. It also works for mosquito bites."
Amazon Review By Ellen

2. Looking for an easy and convenient way to keep your silver and metal jewelry looking its best? Weiman Silver Wipes are the perfect solution! Formulated with the finest ingredients, these wipes safely and effectively clean and polish all types of silver, including silverware, sterling silver, silver plate, and fine antique silver.

"These wipes are very good for cleaning silver jewellery and also silver ornaments. The tub means they last well too and it closes tightly shut."
Amazon Review By Mr. Kevin R. Williamson

3. Looking for a scalp protection spray that is non greasy and eco friendly? Look no further than Calypso Scalp Protection Spray! This top quality spray will keep your scalp protected without weighing it down or making it oily. Plus, it's eco friendly so you can feel good about using it.

"Great product to take care of those gaps in your hair where the scalp might overwise burn. Simple spray on. Calypso is a fantastic brand, great protection, highly reviewed by Which and others several years ago."
Amazon Review By Jamesh316

4. If you're looking for a nail and cuticle oil that is salon-tested and dermatologist-approved, look no further than Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil. This powerful formulaabsorbs quickly into nails and cuticles to deeply hydrate, while the 4000 IU's of vitamin E help prevent nail problems.

"I ALWAYS struggled to grow my nails; they were super weak, & would snap really easily. Now, however, I have nails to be proud of! The length I've got atm give acrylics a run for their money & they're showing no signs of breaking."
Amazon Review By Steph

5. Looking for a maximum strength cuticle remover that can dissolve dry cuticles in just 15 seconds? Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover is your answer! This powerful little product can help smooth and soften your cuticles in seconds, while also helping to prevent future cuticle problems.

"Amazing stuff - truly wish that I had discovered this product sooner! Having read past reviews I took on board the suggestion to leave on nails for 1 minute. I put a couple of drops on each nail (one hand at a time), and to be honest by the time I finished each hand the solution had been on the last couple of nails for around 2-3 minutes with no ill effect!"
Amazon Review By Emily

6. Looking for a shave cream that doubles as a feminine hygiene wash? Look no further than Femfresh 2-in-1 Shave Cream & Feminine Hygiene Wash. This easy-to-use, foaming cream is formulated to reduce redness, irritation and razor bumps for a smooth, fabulous finish.

"Bought this as didn’t want to take shaving foam canister on plane. Won’t use anything else but this now to shave. So much nicer to use and skin feels so much smoother!"
Amazon Review By Char

7. The Wilkinson Sword Intuition Eyebrow Shaper is the perfect tool for shaping your eyebrows and removing fine hairs on your face. The high-quality blades with fine microguards help protect your skin, while the slim, portable size makes it ideal for travel.

"This product is really good value for money, I've used the more expensive brands out there & there is no difference in results."
Amazon Review By katie foster

8. Looking for a surface cleaner that won't leave streaks and will also protect your surfaces? Look no further than Method's Stainless Steel Surface Cleaner. This non-abrasive formula is perfect for cleaning and polishing stainless steel without any streaking. Plus, it leaves behind a protective layer to help keep your surfaces looking great.

"I found this product very easy to use, rub it into wood and it not only brings out the grain and does not need excessive polishing. It also removes dirt."
Amazon Review By Julie Hall

9. The E-Cloth Stainless Steel Cleaning Set is all you need to keep your stainless steel looking as good as new. The precision-engineered microfibers in the Stainless Steel Cloth grab grime, fingerprints, and over 99% of bacteria, using just water. The Glass & Polishing Cloth is perfect for easily wiping away streaks, smudges, and moisture.

"These cloths bring up your stainless steel beautifully, it really shines."
Amazon Review By Emerald

10. Give your feet the treatment they deserve with the SlkySmooth 3-in-1 Foot File. This premium quality foot file quickly and easily removes hard skin and calluses, leaving your feet feeling silky smooth. The rustproof, waterproof design is built to last, and the ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip for easy use.

"I recently paid €60 for a pedicure, I was left still with hard skin. I used this briefly yesterday and my feet feel like someone else’s!"
Amazon Review By Lee Redmond

11. Introducing O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet foot cream! Developed to hydrate and relieve extremely dry, cracked feet, this cream provides long-lasting results. It instantly boosts moisture levels and locks in hydration, creating a protective layer on the skin's surface. You'll see and feel the difference with regular use.

"I would 100% recommend this product. I've tried loads of different foot creams but nothing really worked. As you can see my cracks were quite deep and painful. The photos are taken 2 weeks apart, I'm now on week 3 and they are even better."
Amazon Review By Helen Crisp

12. If you're looking for a way to dim those pesky bright LED lights on electronics and appliances, LightDims are your solution! These easy-to-use dims come in a package of over 100, and they're super easy to apply - just peel and stick!

"Let's be honest, the sticker from your apple, or if you want to be posh some black electrical tape, would accomplish the same thing. You know you don't need this, but it's brilliant! If it's for your perfect setup where aesthetics matter or a bedroom scenario then go for it and buy with confidence."
Amazon Review By C. Green

13. Introducing Pet Head Oatmeal Paw Butter, the perfect way to keep your dog's paws healthy and happy all year round! Our eco-friendly and pH balanced formula uses no harsh chemicals, making it safe and gentle for your furry friend. The paw butter helps to protect against heat and cold weather, keeping paws soft and supple.

"When I feel my pups paws a bit dry I put this on and it makes her paws soft after a while."
Amazon Review By An Amazon Customer

14. Looking for a high-quality, durable spatula that can handle all your beauty and skincare needs? Look no further than the Beauty Spatula 4 PCS Makeup Spatula. Made of premium silicone, this spatula is flexible and built to last. The bright colors (orange, red, green, purple) are perfect for adding a little fun and flair to your beauty routine.

"These have become a useful addition in the kitchen, great for cutting down the waste in bottles and jars by reaching the very bottom and getting all the contents out."
Amazon Review By Earnest

15. Do you find yourself struggling to detangle your hair with a regular brush? Introducing the Wet Detangling Hair Brush, the perfect solution for pain-free detangling! The soft, flexible bristles work great on wet or dry hair, extensions, and wigs. Plus, the pretty pink color is sure to brighten up your day.

"Wouldn’t use another hairbrush!! Will be ordering another for my handbag!"
Amazon Review By Megan

16. Do you love watermelon but hate the hassle of cutting it into cubes? Well, say goodbye to your slicing struggles with the Bahob® Watermelon Slicer Cutter! This handy tool lets you quickly and easily cut perfect cube-shaped slices of watermelon, so you can enjoy your favorite summer fruit without any fuss.

"These are on sale on Amazon and other sites higher priced for the same item, works like a treat with little effort and fast stripping of a melons core to give perfect bite sized pieces."
Amazon Review By Griffo

17. If you're looking for a way to banish those lingering food odours, then look no further than the KitchenCraft Odour Removing Stainless Steel Soap Bar. This nifty little bar of soap works like a charm, neutralising those persistent pongs from garlic, fish or onions in no time.

"Amazing! works so well. i use a lot of garlic and cook a lot of fish so this is very useful."
Amazon Review By S. Murphy

18. Looking for a toilet brush that will make cleaning your bathroom a breeze? Look no further than the LovelyLifeAST Portable Double Sided Toilet Brush. This amazing brush features two sides, each with different bristles, to make sure every nook and cranny of your toilet is clean.

"I really do love this little brush. It does very well job and cleans deeply even the unreachable places as well. Easy to clean it after working. Worth to buy it.
Amazon Review By An Amazon Customer