These gadgets and gizmos are so useful, you'll wonder how you ever lived before getting them.

If you're in the market for any new gadgets or gizmos, be sure to check out this list of 19 must-have tech products from Amazon.

From Bluetooth trackers and wireless chargers to 4K TVs and soundbars, there's something here for everyone (and every budget).

Trust us, you'll almost certainly feel no regret over purchasing any of these items today.

We hope you find your next favorite thing from the list below!  Each product was independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples for us to fiddle with, but all opinions in this article are our own.  Oh, and FYI — LucksList may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business). Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.  Enjoy finding your next favorite thing!

1. A small handheld fan to keep you cool when it starts to get hot. It's got an adjustable head and it's completely portable so you can target a certain part of your body easily. It's got 4 speeds, a one-touch turn on and off function, and a low battery reminder. A full charge should give you up to 17 hours of use.

"I bought one for myself recently and I love it. It's a strong fan with a seemingly long lasting battery. It's small, compact, and powerful! I lent it to my husband for his work one day and he immediately requested to order another one so he could have his own! His came in defective (battery didn't work) but customer service was fantastic and they quickly shipped us a new one!"
Amazon Review By Stephanie

2. This color-changing faucet changes color based on the temperature of the water. It goes blue when the water is cold, green when the water is warm, and red when the water is hot. You won't have to be startled by the temperature of your running water again.

"Quiet easy to install and the led light change are very nice! The price are acceptable as well!"
Amazon Review By Oscar Li

3. This pair of Kasa Wi-Fi smart plugs will let you control your appliances and gadgets from the convenience of your phone. You can boil water, turn on your lights, fans, humidifiers, and more using Alexa or Google Home Assistant.

"I needed some individual smart plugs for 2 locations - One where I could not use a smart bulb in the fixture (and outlet was behind couch)and the second was plugged into an existing power strip (Behind our TV) just for our Christmas tree lights this year. The power strip is hard to access when the tree is up, so this seems like a sensible solution."
Amazon Review By Keith

4. These bike wheel lights will light up your wheels so vehicles will really see you biking on the road at night. Compared to front and back lights, this won't leave you vulnerable from the sides. You can also switch up from constantly on mode to flashing mode to really stand out.

"Fantastic little lights! Very easy to install, all be it a bit fidldly to get it through and around the spokes but that’s NOT a product flaw...took maybe 10min to get it installed and string it through the spokes. Very bright and nice colours! On/flashing/off. Don’t do like I did - I didn’t read or notice - one set is for one wheel only, so make sure you order 2. If you want lights on both wheels. I’ve ordered another set already so I can install them on the back tire of my son’s bike."
Amazon Review By CanuckStew

5. This MagSafe wireless charger will allow you to use your phone for longer whether it's family FaceTime or playing games. It's got a built in kickstand to prop up your device too AND a removable USB-C plug.

"These work great! We have two of them. The magnets reach through non-MagSafe Spigen clear cases on iPhone 13 Pro and 13 mini, ensuring they are in the proper charging position every time. So I’m sure they would work through other non-MagSafe cases too, as long as they aren’t on bulky. Very happy with our purchase!"
Amazon Review By Andy Wilmot

6. Get this 4K Fire TV stick so you can get access to all the streaming services you're subscribed to in one place. You won't need to go through so many menus, especially since the remote can be controlled via Alexa as well.

"This is a really good product. My tv already is intelligent and I still chose to buy the 4k one because the interface and certain apps I couldn’t have before. I have installed A LOT of apps and I’m no near 8gb used so it is well enough if you don’t want to upload photos to your tv."
Amazon Review By Vincent Roy

7. Purchase this desktop air purifier especially when your room starts to feel really icky and dusty. It sucks up unwanted particles leaving your room cleaner and better-smelling. It also sucks up pet dander! Get better air in your home with this amazing gadget.

"Over all quality is very good. I bought 2 of these- one for our bedroom because my husband has allergies - he constantly sneeze around bed time. I swear he didnt have this "sneeze attack" after only a few hours of using this. In the kitchen, the smell of my cooking was gone in an hour... just amazing!"
Amazon Review By Lhen P.

8. Avail of these touch-activated puck lights so you can light up those hard to reach spaces in your home. They run on batteries and stick on surfaces via strong adhesive tapes. You won't need to go through all that trouble installing an outlet when you want to light up a certain space in your house fast.

"These little lights surprised me! They work so well for being so small. I thought I was going to need at least 3 for above the change table and all I needed was one. Very satisfied."
Amazon Review By Rochelle

9. Having trouble sleeping? Get this amazing sound machine sleep aid to help you doze off quickly. You can choose to set it to run all night or in intervals, super convenient especially when you need to drown out noises in your bedroom. You can choose sounds ranging from white noise, fan, ocean, rain, stream, and summer night. AND it's super travel-friendly.

"I like having background noise when I sleep. I normally use a fan in the summer months, but needed something for fall/winter. This white noise machine is great for that. It has a few different sound options, and you can easily control the volume."
Amazon Review By Erin Rice

10. Tired of waking up to the sound of a alarm clock? Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Eye Mask are perfect for people who have trouble sleeping. They’re made to be comfortable and block out all light so you can get the most restful sleep possible. With Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Eye Mask, you can wake up to your favorite music without ever having to worry about disturbing your partner. The headphones are Bluetooth enabled so you can listen to whatever you want, whenever you want.

"They were very easy to operate, and connect to Bluetooth. They are really cool. They provide total darkness and the sound is good. Others around can not hear it either. I love this product. It is so nice and relaxing to listen to music with your eyes covered."
Amazon Review By Sarah

11. Worried about the harsh light of your reading lamp keeping you up at night? Natuvee book light for reading in bed is designed to protect your eyes. It comes with 7 high quality LED lights that emit a soft, stable light without glare or shadows. With 3 color and 3 brightness settings, this book light can be customized to your exact needs. Plus, it has a large rechargeable battery that lasts 6-80 hours on a single charge!

"Evaluation after a week of use: This lamp is very suitable for night reading and computer lighting, it does not take up space at all can also provide sufficient light! In addition, the light is sufficient and soft, suitable for reading or lighting."
Amazon Review By Panda

12. Looking for a way to charge all your devices at once? The Multi Plug Outlet Extender Cube is the perfect solution. This surge protector has 4 AC outlets and 3 USB charging ports, so you can power everything at once. Plus, its Smart IC technology detects your devices and provides the maximum charge speed. With this outlet surge protector, you don’t have to worry about obstructing other plugs.

"This is the perfect solution for my increasing needs of powering and charging devices. This brick does it all! 3 USB outlets and 4 power outlets! The construction of this charger is solid and not cheaply made. Charged all my devices, powered 2 fans, a cable box and a tv without any problems. I'm really impressed with this cube and I'll likely have to purchase more to put throughout the house. I also don't mind the fact that in a 2 pronged wall set up, that the cube does cover the 2nd slot but that's fine with me. I get a lot more than I lose in this case."
Amazon Review By Steve W

13. Tired of your phone dying while you play games? Razer has the solution—the Kishi Mobile Game Controller! This controller has a lightning charging port so you can charge your device while you play, without any lag. Not only does this controller have a lightning charging port, but it also has clickable analog thumbsticks for great accuracy and tactile feedback. You’ll feel like you’re really playing the game with this controller. It even fits most iPhone devices, so it’s compatible with almost any phone or tablet.

"Hey so I have to say I love the crap out of this thing! It works beautifully and does fit most android phones. It is pictured above on my old Samsung s8 that I use for gaming purposes only. It also fits on my Hauwei P30 pro. The one thing that people really need to be aware of is that this thing will not fit any phone with a case. Most controllers of this make just don't, if this bothers you look into a different type of product."
Amazon Review By RyuCrisis86

14. Tired of losing your things? Tile makes it easy to find your lost belongings. With our Bluetooth tracker, you can ring your item when it’s within range or ask your Smart Home device to help you find it. And if it’s outside of Bluetooth range, the Tile app will show you its last known location on a map. You can even add your contact information so that if someone finds your lost Tile, they can reach out to you. Our free app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices as well as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Siri.

"Works like it's supposed to but disappointed I can't replace the battery when the time comes. There is a video online that shows you how to pry it open and replace it DIY. I just find that odd in this electronic world we live in. I would rather replace the battery than buy a new Slim every year. Other than that I'm happy with the product."
Amazon Review By John Whelan

15. Tired of waiting hours for your phone to charge? Anker’s PowerPort III 20W Cube is a fast charger that can juice up your iPhone 12 to 50% in less than half an hour. That’s 3x faster than a regular 5W charger! You can use it anywhere – the cube design and foldaway charging prongs make it easy to take with you on the go. Plus, it comes with a wide range of safety features to protect your devices.

"Compact, not expensive at all. Excellent quality! Quickly charge your phone or tablet! This is a bargain for the quality of this product! As usual, Anker is a quality brand at the fraction of the price of other brand like Apple."
Amazon Review By Djee

16. Tired of dealing with cords and plugs? Wireless earbuds are the future! And our Battery Champ earbuds are some of the best on the market. With up to 100 hours of battery life, you can rock out all week long. Not only do our earbuds offer great sound quality, but they’re also super comfortable. You can wear them for hours without feeling any pain or discomfort. Plus, they come in a variety of colors so you can choose the perfect set for your style.

"This is a great product. The sound is very good. It has a long lasting charge. I think the charging case is amazing. It's high quality craftsmanship in this product. And I just discovered I can use it to charge my phone quickly! That's really cool!"
Amazon Review By Tad Simmons

17. Tired of being exhausted during the day? Lack of sleep is one of the leading causes of exhaustion. A good night's sleep is crucial to feeling your best, but sometimes it's hard to get that darkness you need. That's where BlissEmber LED night light comes in - it adds just the right amount of light without disturbing your peace. Choose from millions of colors and create a lighting routine that works for you.

"I have a BlissHome lamp that I really enjoy so when I saw the BlissEmber nightlight, I naturally had to check that out, too. Like the BlissHome lamp, the BlissEmber nightlight comes packaged in a really attractive and sturdy box., so it’s completely suitable to give as a gift, if you are so inclined."
Amazon Review By XZU

18. Tired of losing your keys? The KeySmart Pro is the solution. This compact key holder has a Tile smart location that lets you track your missing keys on a map, all from the free Tile app on your phone! You can also use the Tile app to make your KeySmart Pro play a tune so you can find your keys faster! Plus, it includes a built-in LED light, bottle opener and a loop piece to attach your car key fob. And it fits up to 10 keys!

"I love this tool. Flashlight, key and portable tool aggregate. All those are extra, I actually got this for the rechargeable Tile. I hate planned obsolescence with a passion and this is the only product you can get that has Tile functionality without re-buying it after one year. I also hate losing stuff and Tile with the community feature is genius. I lost my keychain with my USB and keys once and it sucked. This was a no brainer for me."
Amazon Review By Anj

19. Typing on your phone or tablet can be a pain, especially when you have to keep retyping the same thing over and over again. The Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard lets you type on all of your devices quickly and easily. The keyboard has a slim design that makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, and it’s compatible with a variety of different devices. You’ll never have to worry about losing any important work again – the keyboard has a long battery life so you can stay productive all day long.

"I at first had trouble turning it on to connect it, one of the batteries still had plastic on! Check that before and it comes with a USB but also you can use Bluetooth, f1 is laptop f2 is iPad and f3 is iPhone. It’s not incredibly loud but not quite I find it perfect."
Amazon Review By Milton