20 Fruits With Super High And Low Sugar Counts

I want to see where the berries are on this list!

I want to see where the berries are on this list.

1. Figs

via HowSweetEats.com

Sugar Content: 29.3 grams per cup

2. Lychees

via TheSpruceEats.com

Sugar Content: 29 grams per cup of serving

3. Pomegranate Seeds

via Puristry.com

Sugar Content: 23.8 grams per cup

4. Mango

via CookingLight.com

Sugar Content: 22.5 grams per cup

5. Tangerines

via Walmart.ca

Sugar Content: 20.6 grams per cup (2 slices)

6. Apples

via BlueCure.org

Sugar Content: 19 grams per medium apple

7. Bananas

via hsph.harvard.edu

Sugar Content: 18.3 grams per cup of sliced bananas

8. Sweet Cherries

via Nutritional-Insight.co.uk

Sugar Content: 17.7 grams per cup (with pits)

9. Pineapple

via Elements.Envato.com

Sugar Content: 16.3 grams per cup (chunks)

10. Kiwi

via MedicalDaily.com

Sugar Content: 16.2 grams per cup (sliced)

11. Grapes

via GoodHousekeeping.com

Sugar Content: 15 grams per cup

12. Blueberries

via FoodRevolution.org

Sugar Content: 14.7 grams per cup

13. Orange

via Medium.com

Sugar Content: 14 grams per cup (sections)

14. Honeydew Melon

via VeryWellFit.com

Sugar Content: 13.8 grams per cup (diced)

15. Peach

via RIMAGlobal.com

Sugar Content: 12.9 grams per cup (slices)

16. Watermelon

via Delish.com

Sugar Content: 9.4 grams per cup (diced)

17. Strawberries

via VerduraGroceries.co.ke

Sugar Content: 7.4 grams per cup (halves)

18. Blackberries

via HealthBenefitsTimes.com

Sugar Content: 7 grams per cup

19. Raspberries

via wtop.com

Sugar Content: 5.4 grams per cup

20. Cranberries

via LivetoFeed.com

Sugar Content: 4.3 grams per cup (whole)

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