21 Bedtime Habits That Will Help You Lose Weight

Time to switch the lights off your worst nighttime practices and instead begin doing these things.

What you do at the end of the day has an impact, if not more, on your weight than you do the rest of the day. At night, it can be awful for individuals susceptible to binge eating while viewing their favorite television shows in bed. So instead, begin switching to good ways to maintain the body in great form.

1. Have a glass of milk before bedtime

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A glass of milk can build more muscles while you sleep.

2. Bedtime Yoga

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Light stretching helps the body to relax.

3. Winding Down Time

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Wind down 30 minutes before dozing off.

4. Eat healthy snacks before bedtime

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Healthy snacks are filling and can prevent weight gain.

5. Avoid Nightcaps

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Alcohol drank too close to bedtime can interfere with sleep quality in the second part of the night.

6. Turn down the temps

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Adjusting the thermostat before dozing off can help you sleep through the night.

7. Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

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Take a shower and pamper yourself before bedtime.

8. Ditch technology ASAP for better sleep

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Switch off all gadgets for a great sleep.

9. Drink chamomile tea before bedtime

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Drink a cup of chamomile tea to relax your body and mind.

10. Meditate before bed

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Proper meditation relaxes the mind and relieves stress.

11. Don't eat after 7 PM

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Consuming foods before bedtime will make you gain weight because the digestion process slows down.

12. Adjust Your Lighting

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Women who sleep in darkest rooms are less obese than those who sleep with lights on.

13. Avoid caffeine

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Caffeine is a power booster. Drinking a cup of coffee will keep you awake.

14. Take a hot bath

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A hot bath provides the body the relaxation it needs.

15. Try aromatherapy – Lavender essential oils

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Lavender calms the mind and relieves stress.

16. Consume foods that are rich in amino acid, L-tryptophan

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These are foods that give you satisfaction and leave you feeling full.

17. Snack on protein before bed

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Proteins make you feel full, thus eliminating cravings.

18. Get yourself a comfortable bed, pillow, and mattress.

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A comfortable bed and pillow can give you a great goodnight sleep.

19. Eat small dinners

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Limit your food intake before bedtime to avoid the added unnecessary pounds.

20. Quit smoking

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Sleeping activates the brain, thus keeping you awake.

21. Cut back on the cocktails

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Alcohol consumption before bedtime is a big no!





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