21 Brilliant Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Renovate and transform your bathroom!

Even the smallest bathroom can become a comfortable component and functional part of your home. It is essential to select the correct design and use the room practically. To assist you, we have placed together some of the best examples of this.

1. Selecting bright decor can help make a small space much more cheerful.

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2. Corners actually provide a space to utilize.

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3. Opting for brass fixtures and a retro design can give even a small bathroom a truly luxurious feel

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4. A bulky shower cabin can be replaced by a smaller booth in the corner of the room, with a drainage grate in the floor

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5. Utilize an accent wall

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6. You can replace a bathtub with a spacious shower cubicle

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7. Triangular bathtub or corner tub can help you save space.

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8. Keep it clutter-free

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9. Try installing a towel rack on the back of the bathroom door or even to the shower door

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10. Mount your taps to the wall

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11. Use clear glass in your shower.

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12. A mirrored cabinet is both practical and a space saver

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13. Wallpaper a cloakroom

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14. Wooden floors help to restore the image of the bathroom and also increase the width of the room.

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15. Invest in tall tiered storage

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16. A clever trick to making a small bathroom look bigger is to use the same tiles on the walls and the floor.

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17. Shower screens offer a simple and decorative solution to increasing space

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18. Use neutral colors or keep the colors to a minimal to make the room feel bigger.

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19. Storage baskets are another way of saving space and organizing the accessories in your bathroom.

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20. Adding simple lighting above your main mirror will help enlarge the space in the room.

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21. Buy freestanding and multi-functional furniture

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