21 Cool Things for Kids That Were Actually Created for Adults

You’ll have as much fun as them!

Having children is not an easy feat. Thank goodness to technology, we can now use a lot of innovation while taking care of them. You put two and two together so that parenting will be fun!

Here are some quirky gadgets and inventions to use on your kids that were really created for you parents!

1. A sleep sound machine

via sleephub.com

Makes your baby sleep through the night!

2. A laptop chalkboard

via wired.com

Too early for your toddler to have screen time? This is the answer!

3. A Pokeball that doubles as a power bank

via amazon.co.uk

You better catch all the Pokemons!

4. A pink pig power outlet

via artlebedev.com

Fully functional and has 17 outlets!

5. Temptraq

via babysizer.com

Afraid of waking your child to take his/her temperature? Don't worry! Here’s a thermometer sticker to read the body temperature of your child without waking him up!

6. A Molar Muncher

via molarmuncher.com

A teething pacifier that is hands-free!

7. A safety bracelet

via mashable.com

The radio chip within the BeLuvv Guardian constantly communicates with the parent’s mobile device and can send an alert when the child has traveled too far away.

8. A onesie that has a built-in baby monitor

via gearbrain.com

Meet Mimo, a device on your baby's onesie that helps you be connected anytime, anywhere.

9. A baby bed fence

via woodgears.ca

So that your baby won't be squished when you are co-sleeping!

10. A Baby Dam

via babydamusa.com

This amazing invention will transform your huge bathtub to a baby's tub in a second! Your baby will have a safer and comfortable bathing space.

12. A feeding bottle with a spoon

via alibaba.com

Transitioning to ween your toddler from formula? Try this bottle and spoon in one!

13. A Frog Pod

via tomy.com

Use this to scoop your children's toys from the tub and also to dry the toys up!

14. A Lolaloo

via schpock.com

“We have developed the lolaloo to make everyday life easier for parents. The lolaloo rocks a baby carriage or stroller in a way that mimics what is usually done by hand. The soothing movements lull your baby to sleep in the comfort of their familiar surroundings.” – Udo Blenk and Stefan Stohr (inventors)

15. Knee pads for babies

via listado.mercadolibre.com.co

While your bubs are still learning to walk, it's better to put some knee pads on them so the chances of accidents e.g slipping, will be minimized.

16. A really portable stroller

via babyshop.com

Parents will be able to carry the stroller easily for travel purposes.

17. Self Heating Feeding Bottles

via iiamo.com

You won't have to worry about giving your baby milk that has the right temperature!

18. Fun Plates

via uncommongoods.com

Will encourage your kids to eat their food while having fun during mealtime.

19. Smart Toothbrush

via grushgamer.com

Getting our toddlers to take their oral hygiene seriously can be tricky. With this smart toothbrush, the process becomes a fun game that will have your child entertained while they clean their teeth!

20. Infant Cries Translator app

via yellrobot.com

You guessed it! This app makes you understand why your baby is crying. Perfect for parents that are busy and also for new parents. Download the app here.

21. Space themed moon lamp

via theoriginalmoonlamp.com

A handy night light for kids and adults alike, this luna lamp is a creation of 3D printing. It is non-toxic, odorless and environment-friendly.

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