21 Movies That Every Woman Should Watch

I can’t stop watching them!

Women, no matter how unpredictable and moody they are, should be put in a pedestal. Every woman should be empowered and not to be pitted against another woman. In movies, women take roles that are really difficult. Also, women love watching movies with a female protagonist in it.

Here are 21 movies that every woman should watch in her lifetime:

1. “Amelie”

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Amelie's mischievous persona is a breath of fresh air making this film an all time classic.

2. “Thelma and Louise”

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Just like Bonnie and Clyde, only that there's two heroines on this one!

3. “Bridget Jones' Diary”

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Who wouldn't want to re-watch this trilogy over and over? Always perfect for a slumber party with the gals!

4. “Girls Trip”

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This chick-flick will have you and your girls planning your own girls trip!

5. “A Separation”

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The chaotic storyline and the gripping performances had me gripping my popcorn.

6. “Frida”

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The momentous biopic of Frida Kahlo. Set in her hometown, the movie shows her chaotic relationship with her art mentor. This movie showcases Kahlo's skills as an artist and also her love for her family before anything else.

7. “All About My Mother”

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After her son is run over and killed, a mother sets out on a journey in an attempt to reveal secrets to her entire family. Pedro Almodovar's, ‘All About My Mother’ raises a mysterious plot, permeated by twists and turns, remaining dynamic and always surprising.

8. “The Queen”

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This flick is an accurate depiction of the difficult period in the life of the British royal family following the death of Princess Diana.

9. “Belle de Jour”

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An estranged young wife worked at a brothel trying to find a whole new meaning for her life. One of her clients became clingy which almost cost her her married life.

10. “A Fantastic Woman”

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When Marina’s partner Orlando died, instead of being able to mourn the man she loved, she is treated with scrutiny by his doctors and family. A sensitive film about a trans woman’s grief, loss and becoming a fantastic woman.

11. “Rachel Getting Married”

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A movie about a drug user struggling with her family ties and in the process creating chaos and tension.

12. “The Devil Wears Prada”

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The bicker between Andy and Miranda is gold. Also, this movie will let you realize that even the most diabolical beings have a mellow heart. Perfect for watching with your girlfriends since the outfits on this movie are so tres chic!

13. “Heartburn”

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The protagonists struggles during their married life is set to tug on your heartstrings and make you laugh too!

14. “Welcome to the Dollhouse”

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Relive your pre-teens with this cool, coming-of-age movie. You can also watch it together with your teenagers if you want!

15. “Frances Ha”

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We're just so glad that we're over the dog days where we were chasing paychecks and our dreams. Phewy!

16. “Mona Lisa Smile”

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A revolutionary film showing women's roles in the society and how easily one woman can defy it.

17. “Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight”

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This trilogy will surely have you grab the tissues. One weekend should be enough for you and your girlfriends to watch this.

18. “Volver”

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Strong family ties really can't be broken, even in death. One of Penelope Cruz' earliest movies.

19. “9 to 5”

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Sexism and gender inequality in the workplace? This flick will show you the hows! Old but really gold!

20. “Erin Brockovich”

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A woman landed as an assistant in a law firm, getting a place in the company. There, she will discover new talents as well as help several people. Nourishing a motivational aura, the film presents a lightweight plot, supported by some of the best qualities a human being can have.

21. “Wild”

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This is an awesome tale of overcoming obstacles and finding redemption. Stricken with grief, the main character went to a hike alone.

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