21 Things That Slow Your Metabolism

Avoid doing these things to help your body burn more calories.

You have all the reasons to love your body. One of those reasons is that the body has the capacity to burn calories by itself. Every cell performs a critical function in energy metabolism. Here are 21 things you are doing that disturb your body's natural metabolic function.

1. Not getting enough high-quality sleep

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A 2012 study found that people who sleep less move less the next day, thus burning fewer calories. However, that gets worse, according to the German and the Swedish researchers, sleep deprivation actually reduces the amount of energy your body uses at rest.

2. Eating too little

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Your body requires the right amount of foods to speed up metabolism.

3. Jet Lag

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Your internal clock controls directly the portion of the cells that keeps the metabolism tight. However, your cells don't operate as they should and your metabolism suffer if you disrupt your “circadian rhythm “— for example, by traveling time areas.

4. Calcium Deficiency

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Calcium also plays a crucial role in controlling your fat metabolism, which determines whether you burn or keep your calories as fat. A further reason for drinking your milk: A high-calcium diet may assist you to burn more fat.

5. Your period

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You lose iron every month during your period, and iron helps to transport your muscles with oxygen. If your levels of iron are too low, your muscles don't get enough O2, your energy falls, and your metabolism falls.

6. A lack of strength training

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Physical workout is the best remedy to increase the metabolic rate.

7. Drinking sugary beverages

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Less fat is metabolized when you add a sweetened drink to your meal.

8. Leading a sedentary lifestyle (sitting at work)

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It requires just 20 minutes to inhibit your metabolism in any fixed position.

9. You stress a lot

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A combination of low physical activity and reduced caloric intake may result in stress-related weight gain. This is a great thing except that when the reserves are depleted, the metabolism of your body stops or slows down, at least.

10. A weird eating schedule

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In a Hebrew University research in 2012, mice sporadically fed high-fat foods weighed more than mices which regularly ate a comparable diet. Researchers suspect the body to burn more calories between meals at a time when eating at the same times every day.

11. Eating Lots of Raw Vegetables

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Raw vegetables are perfectly healthy to include into your diet but they tend to slow down metabolism.

12. You have cereal instead of an omelet

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It takes more time for your body to digest protein, so eggs will keep you feeling fuller longer compared to a bowl of carbs in the morning.

13. Pesticides in Produce

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According to Canadian research, organic chlorides (Pesticide chemicals) may interfere with the energy consumption of your body and may make it more difficult to lose weight. Researchers have discovered that dietitians who have consumed most of the toxins have metabolism more than normal and have a harder period of weight loss.

14. Drinking alcohol

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When you sip a martini, your liver will focus on metabolizing your cocktail rather than breaking the fat of foods you eat. You can't store alcohol in the body.

15. You’re skipping your morning coffee

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Caffeine is absorbed into the bloodstream very rapidly, which accelerates the heart rate and increases the metabolic rate.

16. Eating Low-Carb

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Low-carb diet tends to slow down the body's metabolic rate because of the lack of nutrients present in the food.

17. You won’t curl a dumbbell or you lack exercise

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When you move or exercise, your muscles function.  This increases metabolism. On the other hand, a sedentary way of life slows down metabolism.

18. You aren’t hacking your gut bacteria

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Your gut microbiome is a unique collection of microorganisms that reside in your gastrointestinal tract. They help you digest your food.

19. Curling your dumbbell too fast or exercising too much

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Strength training is a key component of metabolism because it is directly linked to muscle mass. Over-exercising actually prevents you from losing weight as it can stop your body from burning fat.

20. Dieting

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You can keep your metabolism from slowing too much by losing weight slowly versus through a crash diet.

21. You’re cutting calories

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If you skimp on calories, your body starves and slows down your metabolic rate to keep the energy that it has.

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