21 Yoga Poses That Melt Fat

And help you lose weight in no time!

Sure, you need healthy nutrition and frequent exercises to lose weight. That doesn't mean you have to go out with cardio or heavy weight lifting every day to see results. Research shows that yoga can contribute to a weight-loss routine because it increases flexibility, improves focus, and burns fat.

Yoga isn't simply about stretching, it can burn massive calories! It creates muscle that makes fat melt and can also raise your heart rate to boost your metabolism. These poses are among the best ones in burning calories. Do this whole sequence three to five days per week, and in no time padding on the body will transform into sculpted muscle.

1. Plank Pose

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2. Wheel

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3. Boat Pose

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4. Revolved Half Moon

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5. Bow Pose

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6. Three-Legged Dog Pose

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7. Bridge Pose

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8. Chair Pose

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9. Dolphin Pose

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10. Twisted or revolved Chair Pose

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11. Mountain Pose

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12. Forearm Stand

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13. Locust Pose

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14. Tree Pose

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15. Warrior  Pose

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16. Warrior III Pose

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17. Scorpion Pose

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18. Camel Pose

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19. High lunge

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20. Extended Side Angle Pose

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21. Crow Pose

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