22 Cardio Exercises That Deliver Huge Results

Are you doing exercises that do not seem to deliver the results you want? If you are looking for cardio exercises that truly provide great results, then here are 22 videos of different cardio workouts for you to watch. Consider doing the exercises that are within your capacity limits.

1. 180 Burpee (via exercise.com)

2. Lateral Toe Taps (via womenshealthmag.com)

3. Sit Outs (via youtube forged WARRIOR)

4. Jump Rope

Entrenamiento HIIT comba
via menshealth.com

5. Rollback (via womenshealthmag.com)

6. Inchworm (via Youtube.com)

7. Bench Runners (via womenshealthmag.com)

8. Suicide Sprints (via womenshealthmag.com)

9. Skater (via howcast.com)

10. The Dumbell Overhead Walking Lunge (via crossfitbluegrass.com)

11. Fast Feet Drop (via youtube CSFTraining)

12. Pushup Bent-Over Rows (via womenshealthmag.com)

13. Beast Shoulder Taps (via womenshealthmag.com)

14. Mountain Climber Push-Up (via youtube kevin carr)

15. Dumbell Thruster (via youtube CrossFit)

16. Banded Jumping Jacks (via youtube tomas echavarria)

17. Dumbbell Power Cleans (via youtube CrossFit)

18. Mini-Band Frog Jumps (via womenshealthmag.com)

19. Lateral Shuffle (via youtube ExperienceLifeMag)

20. Split Squat Jump (via youtube VelocitySPirvine)

21. Seesaw Dumbbell Press (via youtube Wells Street Fitness)

22. Banded Vertical Jacks (via womenshealthmag.com)

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