25 Cheat Sheets If You’re Vegetarian Or Vegan

Being Vegan or Vegetarian means consuming less meat and (or) dairy, which also means lesser grocery spending. Whoooo!

1. For when you know where and when to buy your food.

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Knowing where to source your vegan and vegetarian goodies is a good start.

2. For when you are looking for fibre rich food.

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Fibre is a really important part of our diet. We cannot excrete the toxins out if not for fibre.

3. For when you are sourcing for iron.

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Iron deficiency is a really serious matter. So here are some plant-based sources to choose from.

4. For when you want a lot of green juice choices to choose from.

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Your blender, juicer or food processor will be very happy!

5. For when you want your kids to start eating clean too.

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Start 'em young!

6. White flour substitutes?

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We got your back!

7. For when you want to fully transition to being dairy-free.

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A week of clean eating for starters!

8. For when you want to choose among a lot of snack choices.

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The possibilities are endless!

9. Some sources of calcium that aren't from dairy.

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Calcium that are from plants are well absorbed by the body.

10. Egg substitutes, anyone?

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Splish, splash, some mixing and voila! Egg substitutes!

11. Some vegan mayonnaise will do your greens some good.

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A universal dip and garnish, vegan edition.

12. For when you decide you want to bake.

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Vegan bread and pastries is the bomb!

13. For when you want to know how to start.

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We all gotta start somewhere, right?

14. For when you want to know which things to buy from the grocery.

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Grocery shopping for Vegans could be a bit rigorous.

15. For when you are finding which sumptuous dish to cook.

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Yep, 101 Vegan recipes! All for you!

16. You will also need a list of comfort foods that you can consume when your mood is not the best.

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PMS? Migraines? Here's how to combat them the vegan way!

17. For you to learn making your own milk.

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Without the guilt!

18. If you still wanna be a sweet tooth despite of being Vegan.

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Yep, we all need some candy!

19. If you are a bit of a drinker, here's a cheat sheet for Vegan alcoholic drinks.

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We're giving you a comprehensive list!

20. For when you know how much protein is in your food.

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You might be surprised that almonds has more protein than potatoes!

21. For you to know how to cook your own food.

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Everyone's cooking is different, most especially if you're transitioning to the plant-based lifestyle.

22. For when you know where to derive your protein.

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Yep, protein without eating meat!

23. Just so you know what to stock in your pantry

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Stocking your pantry with plant-based stuff will ensure that all your dishes will be Vegan or Vegetarian.

24. For you to start eating clean even though everyone else isn't.

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Start off by buying your own food and everything else follows.

25. To be Vegan or Vegetarian on a budget:

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Healthy, plant-based food isn't expensive!

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