25 French Desserts You Need In Your Life

Because you should always eat dessert first!

Nothing is more heavenly than to eat your favorite French desserts. Indulge and enjoy this list of desserts for your sweet tooth!


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A light dough filled with flavored custard and topped with icing.

2.Crêpes Suzette

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So juicy and creamy! Who wouldn't like to have such a heavenly dessert?


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So soft and sweet. Made with honey, nuts and egg white.


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Cake made of sugar-crusted layers of dough and butter.


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The goodness of the crunchy meringue and the soft cream!

6.French Chocolate Cake

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So chocolatey. Delicious, soft cake and crispy crust!

7.Chocolate Mousse

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So chocolatey, light, rich and oh so fluffy!

8.Petits Pots à l'Absinthe



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So delicious with berries!

9.Tarte Tatin

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Caramelized apple pie with a crispy crust!

10.Semolina-Corn Sablés

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You can add crushed corn nuts to the dough for a healthier dessert snack.


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A flan-like cake filled cherries. So perfect for summer!

12.Country Apple Galette

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An apple-tart pizza style dessert!  Beautiful, easy to slice and simple to eat!

13.Chocolate Meringue

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A crunchy dessert with chocolate swirl and soft and chewy inside!

14.Apricot Pâte de Fruit



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French fruit jellies rolled in sanding crystal large sugar. So yummy!


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So fluffy and delightful. The little buttery cakes are addictive!

16.Triple-Layer Chocolate Macaroon Cake

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Simple and beautiful dessert with layers of chewy coconut cake with silky chocolate ganache!

17.Chocolate Soufflé

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So light and rich with a crispy crust and soft inside!

18.Gâteau Basque

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A flaky crust surrounds a pastry cream dotted with brandied cherries.


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A pancake where you can satisfy your taste with the filling you want to fill-in! You can have strawberry, Nutella, cream, maple syrup or anything you like.



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So light and delicate layered with blackberry mousse!

21.Crème Brûlée

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So satisfying to eat the crispy caramel layer!

22.Chocolate Pots de Crème

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So creamy and oh so chocolatey!

23.French Lemon Pie

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So sweet and refreshing because of its crust with lemon curd filling!


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A cream puff sandwich filled with praline-flavored cream.


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This comes in a different flavor. It feels heaven with every bite that it melts in your mouth!

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