25 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old

1. Not being thankful all the time.

Waking up every single day is something to be grateful for. For everything that happens to us, bad or good, has a reason that we will be thankful for in the end.

2. Never performing in front of many audience.

Each one of us has talents to share. Many elderly people wish they develop more of their talent and show it off to others for even just once. Do not hide it!

3. Not spending much of the time with loved ones.

Nothing beats the moments we get to spend time with the people we love. Don't miss it!

4. Worrying about everything.

As the song goes like this, “Most things I worry about never happen anyway.” by Tom Petty.

5. Never taking a huge risk (especially when it comes to love).

Taking a leap of faith at least once, even though it failed along the way, is a great relief when you get old.

6. Not giving enough time playing with your little children.

When kids have more fun things to do on their own and you are getting old, you'll realize they went from wanting to play with you to wanting you out of their room in the blink of an eye.

7. Refusing to let friendships run their course.

People will somehow grow apart. One source of sadness and agitation is clinging to what was, instead of acknowledging that things have changed.

8. Failing to finish what was started.

“I had big dreams of becoming a businessman. I even started watching tutorials on how to start small, but then…”

9. Not stopping enough to appreciate the moment.

Take a moment of not doing anything and just appreciate everything today or in the past. Reminisce your wonderful childhood life!

10. Being workaholic in life.

Many successful people look back from their deathbed and wished they spent more time with family, friends, and hobbies.

11. Never get an opportunity to spend time with grandparents and ask questions about life before they die.

Grandparents are the best adviser in life that you could ever have, plus they know everything about you and your parents more than you will ever know.

12. Dental unawareness.

Do you still want to eat your favorite foods using your real teeth when you get old? Visit your dentist once in a while!

13. Not volunteering enough.

Meaning, people who are need of your effort deserve your heart in helping others to encourage each and everyone to make the world a better place to live!

14. Holding grudges to someone, especially with a loved one.

15. Not moving on fast enough.

Don't be a snail and just waste a big portion of your life. Go, seize the day!

16. Supporting the dreams of other people before your own.

Giving significant value to others is a fulfillment in life already.

17. Caring too much about what other people might think of you.

Those people you once worried so much about never helped you succeed in life anyway. Shake it off!

18. Parents' advice was taken for granted.

As young as you are, you don't like to hear it but parents' advice might save your life from mess.

19. Being afraid of saying the words, “I love you.”

Saying these words are good for your soul and to the one who receives it.

20. Not realizing how beautiful you were.

Affirm yourself as you would do to others. Loving who you are is the greatest gift you can offer to yourself. Always remember: INSECURITY IS A SICKNESS.

21. Not doing your best in school.

How you wish you paid more attention to class? Education is essential for your own future. What you learned in school will then be applied to the real world.

22. Not quitting a dreadful job.

Worrying about paying the bills and daily expenses? How about spending 40 years of your life in a horrific environment? Make a plan to improve your situation. Find a good boss that offers a good job!

23. Never experienced traveling when you had the chance.

Traveling is hard when you age. Treat yourself with the wonderful places you want see at a young age!

24. Staying in a bad relationship with someone.

Being in a bad relationship is stressful and can drain you. Let go of the people that burdens you. You deserve to be happy!

25. Being lazy to make physical fitness a priority.

To be physically fit until you get old is a choice. Why not take the challenge everyday? When you reach 50, 60, and beyond, you can never bring back the time where you are supposed to have a healthy body.

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