27 Style Cheat Sheets For Guys Who Don’t Know WTF They’re Doing

Do not put on anything until you read this.

1. Body shape

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First, know your body shape.

2. Classic shirt fit

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The most comfortable fit. If you opt for comfort over fashion, this classic fit is for you.

3. Tucking in

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When to tuck in or not to compliment your look?

4. Chinos

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How to wear chinos paid with the perfect shoes and shirts.

5. Slim shirt fit

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6. Boots

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What boots to wear for a specific outfit and what not to wear.

7. Casual jackets

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Pair it with chinos, denim or shorts on top of shirts, long sleeves with tie and you can never go wrong.

8. Tie

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Reasons for wearing ties.

9. Cufflinks

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How to wear your cufflinks, first you need cufflinks and cuffs.

10. Vest

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Wear a suit for a classy look.

11. Suspenders

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Give your belts a break, learn to use suspenders.

12. Smart casual

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A little bit chic approach for a smart casual wear.

13. Finding the right fit for your shirt

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14. Muscular men – what to wear

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Simplicity is beauty.

15. Short built men

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Off the rack clothes are often more expensive than tailored ones, choose which ones to buy to fit your body build.

16. What not to wear when you are slim

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17. Business casual

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You can have this look without emptying your pockets.

18. Ironing is the key

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Always iron your clothes, stay away form wearing wrinkled clothing.

19. For one ab men

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Joshua Schubart for GQ

20. How to deal with Dad bod stylishly

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21. Do's for a job interview outfit

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Dress for success.

22. Classy oversized wear

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Balance is the key to look classy in oversized clothes.

23. Socks and shoes

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24. Cocktail outfit

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Suit up for a wedding or an evening party invite!

25. How to choose your shoes – for a special occasion

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Shoes take you places.

26.How to choose your shoes – for work

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Shoes for work should be comfortable.

27. the perfect belt


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