27 Tricks to Get Flat Abs Faster

Be abs-olutely amazing!

Flat abs can boost your self-confidence and can make you feel abs-olutely amazing. But how do you get flat abs faster? Here are 27 tricks for you!

1. Don't hold your breath

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The core muscles need oxygen to work at full capacity, so be sure that you keep breathing.

2. Start Small

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Avoid tackling a complicated or advanced core move on your first try.

3. Picture a grapefruit

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Every time you're doing abs exercises on the floor, imagine a grapefruit is lodged between your chin and your chest and don't let your chin lower to your chest.

4. Work in all dimensions

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Instead of always doing crunches, include functional abs exercises that rotate, twist and turn your body as you do in real life.

5. Add weight

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Add some resistance into your exercise and watch your results multiply. Start with a core-carving medicine ball workout.

6. Walk the Plank

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The plank is one of the most complete core moves that work several different parts of your abs and your upper-body.

7. Do squats

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To really strengthen your core, fitness professionals recommend bolstering the muscles that tie into your pillar-like your glutes.

8. Train your lower back

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For every core exercise you do that only targets your abs (read: isn't twisting, a plank, or involves standing—which all involve the back), pair it with a specific low-back exercise.

9. Do loaded abdominal work

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Adding resistance moves to your usual ab workout will thicken the abdominal wall and pop those abs. One of the most fast-working kinds is the hanging leg raise.

10. Make your cardio more challenging

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“Studies suggest that this HIIT can reduce waist circumference and abdominal fat, including visceral fat, which is stored around the organs and associated with health complications,” says Rick Richey, NASM-CPT, CES, owner of the Independent Training Spot in New York City.

11. Drink watermelon water

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During the hot summer months, it’s easy to let your hydration slip, especially when you are out there killing it in your core workouts! Drink watermelon water to get hydrated.

12. Follow the 10-percent rule

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Spend the majority of your workout focusing on the rest of your body, and dedicating no more than 10 percent of your time to abs work.

13. Try this plank move

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Suck in your abs like you're trying to button jeans that are too tight. Hold for three counts, then release for three counts. Repeat until the end of your plank.

14. Engage your pelvic floor

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By engaging your pelvic floor, you involve the transverse abdominals, which function as a girdle for your core. This provides a tighter midsection all the way around!

15. Always warm up properly

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Start any workout with a proper warm-up to prevent injury. A warmed-up core is a happy core.

16. Tweak your diet

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For a sleeker midsection, aim to consume a diet with plenty of lean protein, low-fat dairy, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

17. Change it up

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You should change up your entire workout—including abs!—every four to six weeks.

18. Try CrossFit

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“I’ll stray from using the cliche ‘abs are made in the kitchen.’ But you can easily go from two upper abs to four or six based on what you’re eating! That said, CrossFit has been key for me. We never or rarely do traditional ab exercises. Instead, the core is developed through barbell movements, gymnastics, and conditioning workouts. Folks shouldn’t be relying on the old bicycles anymore,” says April Kaminski, 36, customer service manager.

19. Hit your deadlifts.

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“Although most guys at the gym do deadlifts for massive leg gains,” says Toronto personal trainer and YouTube fitness guru Nate Bower. , “they provide an awesome stimulus for a strong core and defined abs.”

20. Focus on the burn

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Putting your brain to work focusing on core activation actually increases muscle activity, and as a result, increases strength over time.

21. Go slow

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By changing the speed of your abs exercises, you'll work your abs in a more targeted way that boosts strength and results!

22. Work your body from several angles

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“I’ve learned the hard way that being just a cardio queen wasn’t going to give me the six-pack abs I was looking for. I didn’t start to see my abs until I blended what I call the ‘trifecta’—spin for cardio, barre for toning, and TRX for strength training and core. The combination of working the muscles in all these different ways is where you really start to see the definition—after all, you’re working several angles! I also find it important to nurture my bones and joints with a collagen protein powder like Bulletproof Collagen Protein.”—Katie Graham, 27, co-founder and instructor at RIDE

23. Load up on protein and healthy fats—yes, you need fat to burn fat!

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“Protein will help you build lean muscle and burn body fat as will eating healthy fats such as those found in raw nuts, nut butters, fish oils, and olive oil.” —Ilaria Cavagna, 45, founder of High Heel Rescue

24. Go to sleep earlier

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Getting enough shut-eye is vital for a slimmer gut. One major reason, as indicated by a meta-review of studies published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Sleep deprivation messes with your hormones.

25.Work out on an empty stomach

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“Always work out on an empty stomach—it burns calories and stored fat. Many people make the mistake of having a banana—which can be equivalent to two slices of bread—before going to the gym and don’t understand why they are not losing weight. Your body is going to burn that banana first before it starts to burn any body fat. But by the time you’re done burning off the banana, you are out of the gym!” —Neda Varbanova, 28, founder of Healthy with Nedi.

26. Do more chin-ups.

You might be doing chinups for stronger lats and biceps but like dead lifts they also work the coreif you do them right...
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Remember to activate your abs by pulling your legs toward your body before you pull.

27. Try balance work

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Whether it's with a Bosu, a stability ball, a balance board, or simply just standing on one leg, exercises that offer a balance challenge cause your deep core muscles to sign on for stabilization duty.

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