28 Great Activities to Keep Your Kid Entertained

Keep your kids busy and happy.

Children are highly active beings and they need an outlet to channel their energies. Hence, as parents, it is important to be creative all the time. Below are some of the activities to keep your children entertained.

1. Create an underwater world.

21 Ingenious Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained All Day Long
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2. Make some festive ornaments together.

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3. Build a model castle together.

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4. A different idea for a cardboard box

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5. Make a maze out of cardboard boxes

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6. Make some unusual paints for artwork

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7. Make your own snow.

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8. Make some edible plasticine

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9. Let your children feel like they’re famous baseball players.

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10. Put a bar of soap in the microwave and get this soap cloud.

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11. Make your own fireflies in a jar.

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12. A plain shower curtain will make for a great canvas.

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13. Let your kid become fashion designers.

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14. Stretch out some yarn across a hallway and let your kids feel like they’re real-life superheroes on a special mission.

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15. Organize a colorful archery tournament.

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16. Make a rainbow ice cream.

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17. Arrange a real tennis competition using paper plates, some popsicle sticks, and a few balloons.

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18. Make your own edible play-dough.

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19. If your children love playing with sand, try this fun activity. Using a box filled with sugar and a pencil, you can teach your children how to write letters and numbers.

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20. To arrange an improvised bullseye game or maybe your own darts tournament, all you need is a couple of sponges and some chalk.

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21. You can go camping at home! And don’t forget about the indoor ’campfire’!

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22. How about participating in an archeological dig?

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23. Use a hula-hoop to make giant soap bubbles.

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24. Transform your boring fan into a fun rainbow-colored one.

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25. You can give some vegetable or flower seeds to your little gardeners.

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26. Use colored scotch tape to make car tracks on the carpet.

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27. Let your children turn into sumo wrestlers using dad’s T-shirt and some couch cushions.

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28. Make an outdoor hideout using a hula-hoop and a bedsheet.

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