32 Diagrams To Help You Eat Healthier

A list of diagrams to show you a guide of how many portions of food intake, Paleo shopping list, quick and easy recipes, and more. Check 'em out!

1.For more exciting hummus flavors.

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Hummus adds flavor. learn to make your own hummus!

2.To get your nuts straight.

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Have some of these as a healthy snack.

3.When you are tired of eating the same old salad.

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A list of salad recipe you might just want to try if you are tired of the same old salad!

4.To spot added sugar in your food.

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To determine other names of sugar! You'll be aware if there are more sugar added.

5.For remembering all your superfoods.

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Try to remember the foods you like with the help of the alphabet.

6.For vegetarians who want some more protein.

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List of protein-pack ingredients you want to add in your meal.

7.For choosing the best veggies.

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Be green, be healthy!

8.For estimating portion sizes.

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Some useful ways to measure a portion of the food you want to cook.

9.For eating all your vitamins.

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Know the kind of vitamins your body needs and refer to the list above.

10.For making all the healthiest grains.

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Cook your grains perfectly! Nothing is more palatable than a perfectly cooked grain.

11.For when you need a healthy diet.


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If you want to have a healthy and balanced diet please refer to the chart above.

12.For when you're cooking healthy for one.

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Treat your self. Cook and be healthy!

13.When you needed more color.

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Colorful foods are delicious, healthy and important to the body.

14.For a super simple DIY salad dressing.

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Make your favorite salad dressing with the recipes provided.

15.When you need to know more about processed foods.

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Get to know more about processed foods. Stay healthy and fit!

16.For making yummy, healthy soups.

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Soup recipe for you and for everybody. Simple and healthy soup. Every sip is heaven!

17.For when you need some swap.

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Stay healthy and fit with the right food. Try to swap food to a healthier one!

18.For brewing an excellent cup of tea.

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Follow the correct Farenheight for your tea. The more you know, the better you enjoy tea!

19.When you need to limit sugar intake.

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The right amount of sugar needed for the body is important. Too much and too less sugar is bad for health!

20.For packing the perfect Mason jar salad.

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Organize your favorite salad in a mason jar!

21.For marinating your meat.

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Marinate your meat. just the way you like it.

22.For smoothies that are even simpler.

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Your favorite smoothie is made even simpler. Smoothies for your busy days.

23.Right amount of protein intake.

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You should know the right amount of protein you need!

24.For blending the smoothie of your dreams.

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A helpful diagram to help you make your all-time favorite smoothie.

25.When you need the right amount of food to eat.


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To be healthy is to know the recommended serving you need. Too much is not good.

26.For picking the perfect avocado.

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You don't like rotten avocado. Right?

27.When you need a healthy salad.

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Make your own healthy salad. More color, more life!

28.For when you are trying to eat Paleo.

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Visit the website for more tips and tricks to make it work for you.

29.For how to store all your healthy foods.

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Tips on how to store your favorite and to stay fresh for longer consumption!

30.For dinners that are healthy and quick.

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Easy and healthy meals to follow for dinner!

31.For healthy recipe substitutions.

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A healthy list of ingredients for substitution when you plan on cooking!

32. For eating your fill of fruit.

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Know how much servings of fruit you are supposed to eat every day.

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