32 Must-Know Beauty Secrets

Top artists have shared their favorite beauty tricks, and we've compiled them down below!

1. Open Up Those Eyes

via Elle.com

Make them look bigger using a white pencil.

2. Retinoid Cream

via Self.com

Apply it on your chin, forehead, and nose.

3. Keep Your Stuff Clean

via NotOnTheHighStreet.com

Remember that the greatest enemy here is bacteria.

4. Use Pretty Pillows

via HealthNewsHeadline.com

Sleep with pillowcases made of satin or silk.

5. Fatten Up Your Baby Hair

via ThriftyFun.com

Pump them up with an aerosol can of dry shampoo.

6. Mix Your Body Oil And Lotion

via Blog.PlantTherapy.com

You can use olive oil for an overall soft sheen.

7. Eye Cream In The Fridge

via Racked.com

Plus, your nail polish, too. Yes, put them in there.

8. Wear The Best Bra

via LiveAbout.com

It makes you look proportioned.

9. Layer Your Liner

via ThriveCausemetics.com

Line your eyes first with a pencil liner.

10. Condition Your Hair Before A Swim

via Bustle.com

Yes, whether you're headed for the pool or the beach.

11. Do It Yourself

via PoorandPretty.com

Save more bucks by creating your own tinted moisturizer.

12. Blot Using This

via TheSkinCareEdit.com

Yep, you should use those Starbucks napkins for blotting.

13. Make Your Mascara Count

via Watsons.com

Hold a business card up along your lashes' inside edge. Sweep your brush against it using your other hand.

14. For A Clean Chin

via ThriftyFun.com

Constantly use a hand sanitizer. Keep your chin clean by sanitizing your hands.

15. Always Wear Sunscreen

via HealthyTop10s.com

The climate doesn't matter. Wear sunscreen always!

16. To Have An Angel Hair

via GoodHousekeeping.com

You could use a conditioning hair masque.

17. Got Thin Brows?

via ThriftyFun.com

Use a light pencil to define the shape. Then, use a brow powder close to your natural hair color.

18. Skin Primer with Shimmer

via ExtraBeautyCare.com

Use it to make your face look brighter even with no sleep.

19. No Powder, No Oil

via LorealParisUSA.com

Instead, use a tinted moisturizer, especially when you have already reached age 35.

20. Keep That Sexy Blow Out

via Vision-Bangladesh.com

Have your hair in a top knot when you sleep. Use pins to maintain the texture and shape.

21. Always Carry A Chapstick

via Health.HowStuffWorks.com

Don't let your lips get dried.

22. Keep Sample Eye Creams

via StraitsTimes.com

Refresh your eyes with them during the day.

23. Face Washing Tip

via Racked.com

Use a gel-based face wash in the evening and a milk-based cleanser in the morning.

24. Take That Power Back

via WomenFitness.net

You are your own best stylist. Don't give that power away. Take it back.

25. Upward Stroke

via BathsOfAphrodite.com

Apply your cream with an upward stroke to avoid sagging.

26. Drink Lots Of Water

via Mirror.co.uk

It helps your skin stay moisturized.

27. Wash And Moisturize Your Face At Bedtime

via LorealParisUSA.com

Use the gentlest product!

28. For Yellow Nails

via OurEverydayLife.com

Brush them up with a whitening toothpaste.

29. Use Soft And Sexy Makeup


via JollyChic.com

30. Apply The Good Oil

via SeaBuckWonders.com

It's called the sea buckthorn seed oil.

31. Try A Hair Bun

via MyDivasCloset.com

Wear it nice and high.

32. Warm Your Lash Curler

via StyleCaster.com

Run your curler under warm water so your lashes would curl for longer!





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